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Feminized Seeds: the advantages overgrow the disadvantages

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by jeb5304, Dec 1, 2009.


    jeb5304 Well-Known Member

    here is a lil something i found from another site. i thought it might be good for riu.

    The majority of cannabis growers worldwide start their crops from seeds. Mother plants and clones are getting more and more popular, but the reality of facts is that apart from The Netherlands and North America, it is rare for crops to be generated from cuttings. Looking at seed sales on a planetary scale, it is evident that during the last 10 years feminized seeds have been slowly but steadily gaining a large percentage of the cannabis seeds market. In some European countries they now represent over 90% of sales, both in grow shops and over the Internet. On the American continent feminized seeds are somehow less popular than in Europe, but this trend is changing rapidly, with sharp increases in feminized seeds sales all over Canada. Reading the various American and European Internet forums one can easily see that there are many different views regarding the subject; the same type of categorization that one can make between soil and hydro growers, organic and synthetic growers, sativa and indica growers, now it can be made for feminized seeds and regular seeds growers.
    But the fact is that feminized seeds have not been created for breeders; they have been created for growers. From small growers dedicated to personal self-sustainable production programs, up to large-scale growers producing volumes. In my opinion, feminized seeds are a very good tool to produce cannabis in an effective and efficient way. It is a very simple, basic concept, but one making a whole lot of difference. Both indoors and outdoors, feminized seeds guarantee that space is used in the most productive way possible, by making sure that each and every plant is producing cannabis, not just squatting space waiting to be eliminated.
    Moreover, feminized seeds allow guerrilla growers more safety, lowering the number of visits needed to the field.
    Many myths surround feminized seeds, most of which are false. Over the last 5 years, as more and more growers in many situations have used feminized seeds, most questions have been answered. It is now clear that feminized seeds are as good as regular seeds to make mother plants. It is also clear that feminized seeds present greater uniformity of product on a large scale.
    There are different techniques used to make feminized seeds, from hormones to STS reversal, and each company producing feminized seeds has a secret recipe. Some are more reliable than others, and the quality of the feminized seeds can be judged by the number of hermaphroditic plants that appear. Some strains are more prone than others to hermaphroditism, but good quality feminized seeds are close to be 100% free from hermaphrodites. Only great stress factors (light schedule completely irregular, absence of dark period, extreme feeding intoxication) can produce hermaphroditism even in good quality feminized seeds.
    In conclusion, the most important factor in selecting feminized seeds is their source, the professionalism of their producer.
    In my opinion, feminized seeds are the future of cannabis production worldwide.
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    Mr Bomb

    Mr Bomb Active Member

    Thanks I guess.
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    samljer Active Member

    Yeah, this however is even more important now then in the past because of the new "single seeds" available.
    Recently i bought 2 femenized lowryder seeds because i have a 1' SQ space to grow.
    They both grew, both were fem and both did fine.
    There is always the chance of herm, but less chance then 50/50 "m/f" from regular seeds.
    And when its impossible for me to have more then 2 going at a time, its good for me.

    Yeah its a bit more money, and i cant create my own seeds. But for $30 every 75 days.
    i have 2 plants going year round. And i havent seen a hermie or male flower yet.
    and thats fine with me.

    The hermie problems and fears are from the 80's and early 90s when the methods of making
    these seeds SUCKED.
    popularity is growing for a reason, and that is hermi isnt a real problem any more.
    20 seeds down will give u maybe 1 herm. so make a point to check anyway as if you planted reg seeds.
    and youll be fine.

    WolfScott Well-Known Member

    thanks I'm new to using fem seeds and needed the info

    RichED Well-Known Member

    where do you live herms not a problem thats all i hear is herm problems

    i admit it could be a lot wors

    DottoressaX Member

    herms bananas herms bananas herms bananas

    If you are growing any kind of decent size room or more, don't you dare buy femmed seeds. you will be making a massive mistake. ONLY if you have no choice, no time, no space and a tiny number of plants. Those naners will fucking do your head in. Even reputable seed banks w femmed seeds are iffy. there is no guarantee and if you lose a big crop to it it will crush you. even with perfect room conditions they can just get all screwy. Trust me. I know what I'm talking about.

    NLNo5 Active Member

    I havent hermed yet and this is my fifth seed grown. I hear the if you treat the seed and the seedling well the probability of herm is low.

    ghb Well-Known Member

    anybody doing a decent size grow (unless guerilla of course) would be crazy to use all fem seeds instead of cuttings IMO

    NLNo5 Active Member

    The point is the possibility of pollinating the whole crop and fucking up the sensi.

    bigv1976 Well-Known Member

    I have grown at least 50 fem seeds and have yet to see a hermie.

    sparkjumper Member

    You cant go wrong with Paradise seeds fems

    Dwezelitsame Well-Known Member

    herms o the low right now not hearing of as many but still not to be overlooked especially for shit like breeding you want all boy and all girl

    not 85 percent girl and 91 percent boy no not for breeding

    the fems has their place in the system some of us hard on the swings of time like when autos came out hydro and other time swings i call them

    eveting has its place to work as a gear maybe not the whole machine i remember how accupunture and chiropractic was looked upon by some i would use them all if i had pain i could not get rid of

    im sixty and things are changing im not saying all are good some we wont se the ramafacations from for many years like the global worming we be faceing now with air and water pollution we fuck up all


    Dwezelitsame Well-Known Member

    another thing im a whore for seeds wnt be seeing to many seeds buying all fems unless you good at some other trickory chemical or stress related complexietys

    may grow gods smile upon all of your beans
    walk in the light
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    Spanishfly Well-Known Member

    We are getting the usual BS from people who have only READ and not DONE.

    I went to feminised 3 years ago, after a great deal of thought - there were no feminised seeds when I did my first ever grow in 1968. Never regretted it, have only ever had FEMALES as advertised, no males, no hermies. Feminised are the BIZZ.

    bigv1976 Well-Known Member

    Seriously dude I would love to converse about this a bit with you but I have been looking at this post for like 7 minutes and still dont even know what it says.

    Spanishfly Well-Known Member

    Me neither !!!!

    bigv1976 Well-Known Member

    guy incognito

    guy incognito Well-Known Member

    I want whatever dwezel is smoking. I want to be incoherent.

    ghb Well-Known Member

    he been smoking for longer than i've been around, +rep to him

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