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Female "period" Urine drug test question

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by pmgbns, Aug 31, 2009.


    pmgbns Well-Known Member

    My wife recently had a concern about drug testing while on her period. I know THC in the urine will pass in a week to a month depending on how much you smoke, but THC can stay in blood for 6 months. What if she is on her period during a Urine drug test? Will that test come up positive, even if the urine is clean?

    Keenly Guest

    THC does not remain in your blood for six months

    your kidneys get rid of that shit pretty quick, thats why your high doesnt last six months (lol @ that thought)

    THC sits in your fatty tissue for six months, you will be ok dont worry, if she fails the test, its not because of the blood

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