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Feeeding your plants fruit juice to enhance taste?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by kaya1, Jul 26, 2008.


    kaya1 Active Member

    I just hear about this and wanted to know if anyone had any experiences or had any info on it?


    thephantompain1990 Well-Known Member

    i seriously doubt it would work. the roots would most likely filter out any taste before it made it to the plant.
    El Duderino

    El Duderino Active Member


    Ohsogreen Well-Known Member

    Yes... Last year, I added some dilute Pineapple Juice to a couple of Skunks the last week of flowering as an experiment.
    The Results - a nice tropical taste - just a hint of Pineapple & slightly sweeter than their sisters..
    So, it does work - can you add it eariler ? I don't really know. Someone who knows for sure - ENLIGHTEN US....

    Spuff Member

    Sounds a bit dodge to me just befause of the amount of additives they add to them drinks. Try curing your weed with a few fruit segments and you should achieve the same effect. Happy growing:)

    littleflavio Well-Known Member

    i doubt that it will greatly affect the taste and smell of your plants since the plant only takes the necessary nutrients it needs and reject the unwanted ones. i am not sure though but from the concept of feeding too much synthetic nutes that is why there is salt build ups? because the plant has already enough nutes to be feeding more. mollases are just soil conditioner from what i have heard, the sugar it takes help photosynthesis on the leaves. try to give fresh fruit juice instead of the one in cans, and make sure the juice ur giving is not acidic...i usually throw banana peel on top of my plants but youd be having infestations what more if u use fruits. so just my guess. my rule of thumb dont experiment to much, strains react differently. what has work for me before i stick to it
    Grumpy Old Dreamer

    Grumpy Old Dreamer Well-Known Member

    The plant does NOT absorb fruit juice, it will take what water it can but not the flavour nor the sugars..
    Plants MAKE sugars, they don't suck them out of the ground.
    Any sugars that you add are for the benefit of the micro-organisms that feed in the soil and release nutrients for the plant to use.
    Too much fruit juice can raise the soil acidity and cause nute lock-out.
    Also, too much juice will actually suck water molecules out of the plant - simple osmosis where the greater concentration of water molecules (in the plant) travel through the cell membranes to the lower concentration area (the fruit juice).
    And if you taste pineapple flavour, it is either your imagination, the plants particular pheno being different from the others, or simply bullshit.

    mlore Well-Known Member

    dont use juice. it could attract bugs and all sorts of insects. and it could aslo fuck with your PH. if you want to do something add mollases. iheard honey works too. but mollases would be your best bet.

    findme Well-Known Member

    guys around these parts like their mj to smell skunky. If it smells fruity round these parts, its gay mj, gay mj is weak mj.


    Nullis Moderator

    Why not just find some decent genetics, quit abusing fertilizer and cure properly?

    :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

    2layz2p Well-Known Member

    I'm diabetic, so I'm going to use splenda! don't want to get fat off my bud, just fat bud.........

    BTG1028 Member

    If you use any welch's juice with your waterings during flowering, such as Grape juice, it will turn the buds an intense purple with a grape flavor. Seen it, grown it, smoked it. It works.

    lifesgood Active Member

    if apple juice and pineapple juice works u may as well add some pussy juice .... and u would have a nice mouth watering twat to smoke!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Rob Raw

    Rob Raw Member

    Fucking rock on! :leaf:

    CjSesh0000 New Member

    Pussy juice would be highly beneficial to ur plants. The same strain of bacteria used to ferment plant extracts aka 'nutes' lives within your gf's vaginal walls. Beat that pussy up! And save the juice! Add some lettuce or cucumber, chopped up, and let it ferment in a dark place for a month. Save the liquid. Dilute it. And feed your plants with it. One more reason to adore that poonanny

    budman111 Well-Known Member

    Dude this thread is 7 years old LOL
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