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Feeding plants Sugar Water

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by ManInTheShed, Jan 10, 2008.


    ManInTheShed Well-Known Member

    This was un-intentional in the first place as i thought i got rid of all of the robinsons juice cordial, by boiling water and putting it in the bottle.
    Now i am using the bottle, and have noticed that it smells of the tropical flavour previously in it, and it tastes like it aswell ( very slightly). Can this do any damage to the plant, or could it do it some good?
    thanks for help

    bba Well-Known Member

    unless it was a bleach container or something, i honestly doubt u have much to worry about.

    Jesushasdreads Well-Known Member

    if the bottle was plastic, it was probably that some of the flavors and smells of the juice permeated the container leaving a light residual smell/taste....but i would not worry about it, many growers use a molasses and water mixture to supplement their plants, some even use it at every watering. And i believe robinsons is a higer quality juice drink than most if im not mistaken, so odds are it isn't from concentrate and doesn't contain allot of additives, certainly none that would be detrimental to your plant(s). I wouldn't worry about it, if any ill effects appear you can always flush the plants, but this would also flush many of the good things from your medium as well as the slight bit of residual sugars. Just my opinion.

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