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Favorite strain; indoor or out

Discussion in 'Maine Patients' started by NoSwagBag, Jun 18, 2013.


    NoSwagBag Well-Known Member

    I know this has been asked before, but trying to get some action in the Maine section. So what is your favorite strain, and why. I'll go 1st:

    THC Bomb by Bomb Seeds

    This one was just as described by the Breeder. I got a 10 seed pack, all of which germinated and had incredibly vigorous growth. Now I ordered regular seeds, but I swear they sent Feminized, as all were female, and all were the same phenotype. Anyway, the plants don't need much veg time, and respond incredibly well to supercropping to keep under control. Inside i found 9 to 10 week flowering period would get you tight, chunky, crystal covered buds all over the plant. This bitch is a producer! Yield and growth of a sativa, flowering time of an indica.
    Ok the buds: Really a great taste, a little piney, fruity, sweetness with some skunkyness. Very smooth, and expands like the dickens in your lungs. The stone is great, very strong, and a great indica sativa mix. One of the strongest strains I've tried.
    This baby does just as well outside, and pounder plants are certainly possible...


    dubba86 Active Member

    This Maine forum is lame as hell...I won't even waste the time doing a grow thread again.

    NoSwagBag Well-Known Member

    Everyone is busy in the Garden! I think you should do another grow thread. At least finish the one you're doing so we can see the finished product. There are some knowledgeable folks here, but summer is busy, so don't lose faith, I'm not. So what's your favorite strain?
    Maine Brookies

    Maine Brookies Active Member

    That's the attitude, bro.


    NoSwagBag Well-Known Member

    So what's your favorite strain? :lol::mrgreen::lol:

    tet1953 Well-Known Member

    Based on what, dubba? There are nearly 100 posts in your thread and over 2 thousand views. There simply aren't all that many people involved in the Maine forum. If it's more replies you want maybe you should consider one of the general forums such as indoor growing and general growing. There is also a forum for grow journals.

    I have noticed a significant drop in participation on the Maine forum over the last year or so. I still think your thread got a lot of activity honestly. In any case, don't take it personally if a thread doesn't get attention. These people don't even know you, after all.

    mdanforth Well-Known Member

    There are some quality people here....I read every day, but only occasionally post.....

    dubba86 Active Member

    I meant in general, there doesn't seem to be a big crowd...which makes it sorta lame, not that people aren't interested in my thread I pretty much posted my whole set up etc... so in the future if i do a different grow, like a scrog for the first time ill probably make one. I'd like to see other peoples grows and stuff and less of maine brookies.
    Maine Brookies

    Maine Brookies Active Member

    There is this amazing ignore feature that comes with forums. It's really handy. Too bad you don't know how to use it. :fire:

    danbridge Well-Known Member

    Dayum!! 10 hours of double face palm!!! LMAO @ whoever edited that vid.
    Maine Brookies

    Maine Brookies Active Member

    The Duplicate command in Final Cut Pro is really handy.

    Jpzooyork Active Member

    I really love nirvana skunk#1 dont even know if they have it anymore it was the first plant I grew so maybe I just became familiar with it but great plant the phenotype I have was super sativa Dom
    flowers in between 10-12 weeks not a huge yielder for the time it takes but the smoke is absolutely amazing happy giggly focused euphoric energetic and even a bit Tripy high
    strong sativa
    I thought I had a nose bleed once watching hot tub time machine after smoking this but it was just air going in and out of my nose while breathing 😜lol haha great high though would not recommend for beginner smokers though might get paranoid.

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