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Favorite Outdoor Strains

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by smiley87, Dec 19, 2010.


    smiley87 Member

    Hello everyone. I'll be trying out a few different situations coming spring time and was hoping the input from people on the forum could help me out.

    Outdoor strain: Looking for three different strains. A good nighttime smoke with a heavy yield, a sativa dominant mix and an autoflower strain. Please give reasons for which you choose and any personal experiences.

    I'm about 42 north so they must finish by early-mid October. Strong branching and mold resistance are a huge plus. These will all be started indoors and topped before being put outside. Thank you for the help in advance.

    Hopsnmalt Active Member

    Man I wish you woulda posted this before I ordered my seeds. I Had the same question. I just read myself to sleep for a week or two, then pulled the trigger. (How do I subscribe to this thread so I'm notified of answers to this post?)

    These were my selections:

    RESIN SEEDS. Yummy= yumbolt X G13
    SEEDSMAN. Power Africa= Skunk / haze X Durban
    DINAFEM. Blue Widow= Indica
    DINAFEM. White Siberian= Indica
    DUTCH PASSION. Orange Bud=skunk
    MOTHERCHUCKER. Blue Hawaii= Blue Dream X Skunk/Citral
    RESERVA PRIVADA. Kandy Kush= OG Kush X Train wreck
    SHORT STUFF. Mi5; Big Auto

    Cant wait to start the grow journal.

    Norcal Outdoor grow 39n, hope I mixed it up good for a constant harvest starting late September.

    Peace, people.

    smiley87 Member

    The Kandy Kush and Power Africa look great out of that list. When do you plan to start them out? I wanted to have about a 4 week veg on them before putting outside.

    Hopsnmalt Active Member

    Hey Smiley
    Yeah, they do. I'm looking forward to trying them all, especially the big ones. I also am aiming for 4 weeks indoor then transplanting (may 21) in sites prepared the same time I germinate indoors. I'm gonna give the the tall ones all the room they want; 3x3x3 amended with some compost I've been cooking for about a year. Made about 3 yards so i wont have to buy much in the way of soil - just ferts.
    What's your plant out date? You in a frosty spot?

    Dankist Member

    I'm probably gonna try out autoberry from marijuana-seeds.nl never tried it but it's an autoflowering hybrid between grapefruit blueberry and lowryder. But idk that's a good question haha

    smiley87 Member

    Our times to put outside are similar even though i'm a little farther north. I know we didnt have frost past the start of May last year, but i'll give them until the end of May before going outside just to be safe.

    I've researched the Kandy Kush and it looks a little too fragile to go outside here. Most of the grows i've seen the buds get too heavy for the stems to hold up. Looks to be mainly an indoor strain which is disappointing because it seems dank.

    Barney's farm- Sweet Tooth: "The plant grows medium tall with strong side branches that need room to grow. Buds develop in large potent cola’s - sticky with resin. Mould resistant and easy to grow. Its effect is powerful, relaxing and cerebral." I've seen a few grows of this with great results. Cannabis cup results dont hurt. Finishes early October.

    Green House Seeds- Himalaya Gold: Heard nothing but good things from this plant outdoors. Finishes end of Sept.

    Nothing is sure yet but these two are leading the race right now.

    Hopsnmalt Active Member

    Yeah, I agree with your post. Sweet tooth was on the top of my list, but it went out of stock while I was deciding. I'll put a 3' circle of concrete wire around my indicas to keep them from laying on the ground as October approaches.
    My plant out date is middle may, I just want to be sure so May 21 it is. I'm lucky enough to be able to start the seed coastally with almost no chance of frost, then transport them to the foothills already hardened off.... hopefully a foot tall. :)

    TheGoat Member

    I'm interested in how you think Sept is going to be harvest time. I planted my outdoor plants in April and they didn't actually finish until the first week of December. Budding didn't even start until October. Perhaps it was just the odd summer we had, but I'm thinking you will not be harvesting in NorCal until Nov.

    BTW I grew Plantium OG and Super Silzer Haze.

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    smiley87 Member

    Its breeder information. I'm not sure about Platinum OG, but Super Silver Haze has a naturally later finishing time. Where about are if your plants can stay outside until december?


    PuffinPurp Well-Known Member

    kaya gold all the way, that was my first grow annnn it was PERFECT for a beginner grower yet had plenty of weight at the end. there big hardy plants and will withstand almost anything. they are pron 2 bugs though, however mold isn a prob with them.

    SCARHOLE Well-Known Member

    Nirvanas AK48 was the toughest plant ive ever seen.

    She thrived when all the other nirvanas an Bagseed died of cold an heat.
    She took hail, 50mph winds.
    Growing heres a bitch an she could take it.

    Great tasteing, hella potent, fast finisher (clones finished in sept), i was proud of her. And would grow her agin.

    But this year Im hoping to try Iranian short season. You can clone em, they seem better than autos. Check em out.

    TheGoat Member

    Northen California. During the cold week we had when temps dipped into the 30s I had to bring them inside. I ended up haveing to cut them due to mold starting to form on one of the smaller colas.

    Funny, the Silver Haze was closer to done than the OG.

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