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Fastest Growing Seeds

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by CloudsofGrass, Sep 21, 2006.


    CloudsofGrass Active Member

    Hi! I'm Cloud!

    Anyways, I have a question, which is, what are the fastest growing seeds?
    Like, first off, time to first harvest, and then time between harvests after.
    Any help?

    crickitmd Well-Known Member

    hey whats up im crickit
    try checkin out some Lowryders. from seed to harvest is like 2 months.

    vervejunkie Well-Known Member

    Has anyone had experience with Top 44 seed --> harvest times?
    my beaners have germinated and are almost ready to be planted (say by 9/23), I have to go out of town for Thanksgiving weekend (11/24 - 11/26 for you stoners out there!). That's 61 days (of being in soil, already germinated). How am I lookin' for tokin a burn cruise to mpls with my new stash, or will it be still hanging in my closet when I come back?

    CloudsofGrass Active Member

    Lowryders? I'll try to get some seeds. Thanks!

    h20xygen Well-Known Member


    stickyness Member

    Hey! mine sprouted in augest 25th and its almost budding now i dont think it was a low ryder strain or anything i got it out of some basically shwag haha i had 2 but 1 went male so i killed it so my female could be sensi style haha AND I GREW IT OUTDOORS!! but all i did was top it too early ( at about a foot ) and it just started getting bushy and stuff i dont plan on getting a lot of bud but i just wanted some:P i didnt do anything special except smoke it out :P

    anyways , you could try it but dont blame me if like it kills your plant or anything haha :P

    Good luck

    Supgee3 Well-Known Member

    I hear Northern Lights #5 grows very easily and fast.

    Quoted from wikipedia:
    Northern Lights #5 in particular is renowned for this trait of growing very easily. The strain's reputation as a compact, high-yield plant, with a high potency also makes it popular among marijuana growers. [3] Along with Haze and Skunk #1, Northern Lights is among the most influential strains of all time; one of the first strains to be successfully hybridized for indoor cultivation. The Northern Lights #5 strain has been critically acclaimed by many cannabis enthusiasts and has been a winner in competitions such as the Cannabis Cup.

    CannabisWWger Member

    I have tried Top44 on one of my first grow from buying seeds, it a good strain to learn with b/c =it is easy to grow and hard to kill. lolbongsmilie

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