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    what was your fastest auto flower seed to harvest? what did it yeild? how did you grow it?

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    60 day wonder by world of seeds, its got that old skool taste to it, nice dank buds too....:clap::joint:
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    have grown short riders that were harvested 60 days after germ

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    i find that kind of hard to buy.. they don't start to flower till about 3 or so weeks out from seed, which would than only give them what, 40 days to flower?? i've never heard of any strain that finishes flowering in 40 days, even those nutty stoney garden girls don't claim their gear finishes that quickly...

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    My understanding is that DNA Genetics "60 day wonder" finishes properly in 70 days from seed.

    If you're starting from CLONES you can get conventional photoperiod flowering strains to finish in as little as 7 weeks.
    That's because the clones are already sexually mature and can be put right into flowering.

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    Grew out a Dinafem Auto Critical Jack. It spent 2/3 of its life under CFL's until I got my 600w up and it finished under that. 63 days from sprout, got damn near 2 zips. Smoke was narcotic, induced many a weed nap, I also got enough trim off of the one plant to make a batch of cookies...which were also narcotic and nap inducing.

    This was my first auto and I am wondering if they are all this brutal to smoke. It really wasn't a high kind of buzz, it was more like eating a hand full of pain killers. It tasted fucking excellent though...especially compared to the garbage around here. My quality and quantity of sleep over the last month have been unmatched in my 28 years on this planet, and I do have trouble sleeping normally.

    I now have 2 more ACJ's, 3 world of seeds afghan kush ryder, 3 sweet seeds cream carmel, and one mikromachine... most of witch will be going outside with in a month. Should be crazy.
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    yeah i def want to see that outdoor grow

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    Yup, I'm pumped for it too. It may work out for me to both harvest a plant or two, and plant outside around 4/20. I'm taking it as a sign.
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