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Fastest and easiest strain to grow indoors??

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Namsan, Jul 5, 2010.


    Namsan Member

    Which strain is the quickest and easiest to grow indoors?

    edsthreads Well-Known Member

    Probably a 'Auto' Strain like: Lowryder, Lowryder 2, Easy Ryder, Diesel Ryder, Blue Ryder.. seed to harvest in 60-80 days
    There are plenty of others too I have only grown Auto's from 'The Joint Doctor' range though & am loving the Auto varieties

    rick19011 Active Member

    Autostrain seeds don't produce as much harvest as normal indoors seeds aswell but they are the easiest to grow.

    kingofqueen Well-Known Member

    THen whats the easiest non auto plant ?i hear ak 48 is easy and fast

    Shanus Active Member

    pyramid "galaxy". got one bean, took off like a champ from the go, great yield. First gr8 grow, was total noob. Organic ferts in cheap shit soil. No ph meter. Short plant,wide fan leaves. Looks like my lemon skunk is a champ too, but stretchy, less yield. Gna stick with pyramid galaxy for ease of quick yield. Ive a smoke report on it if you are interested. Its a Northern lights and Afghani mix. Indica dominant of course. I would reccomend staying away from the "fancy breeds" for ease.

    afghan kush was easy, tho i had a couple that showed nute sensitivity. Gr8 plant, not so sure its the EASIEST however. Currently harvesting some AK! Be a smoke report on it in a month after it cures.
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    truepunk87 Well-Known Member

    use like a skunk or afghani strain. they quik growers and not as sensitive to nutes. also most get pretty decent yields
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    newgrower21 Active Member

    fast bud auto

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