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Fast Way To Dry

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by PhattyTokes, Sep 22, 2006.


    PhattyTokes Active Member

    I'm looking for a faster way to dry out erb rather than letting it sit for days.
    does anyone know a way to dry it in a matter of hours?

    skunkushybrid New Member

    Just wait. You've waited this long. Drying it out quicker will cause some of the thc to turn into cbd and cbn. Which are lesser psychoactive chemicals.

    If you're going to do it, just try it with a small portion. I know there are plenty of ways of doing it and I'm sure if you sit and think for 10 seconds you could come up with a few yourself.

    m420 Well-Known Member

    It is much better to let your bud dry and cure before you smoke it. You'll be much more happy with the end product. But if you really can't wait, microwave the buds for 15 seconds at a time until they're dry. they won't taste as good if you do it that way.

    Sublime757 Well-Known Member

    a better way that doesnt degrade the product a whole lot is using dry ice. take some dry ice, put it into a container with some holes for ventilation. add your bud and stick it in the fridge for about 24 hours. be sure to add more dry ice as it evaporates

    PhattyTokes Active Member

    yeah thanks for the help everyone but i think i am just gonna wait like you said letting them cure will be better. i tried to microwave some buds
    they started to pop and crackel and in the end stunk up my aunts house hahhahaaha
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    pakalolo808 Well-Known Member

    if you search the forum, this guy made a pretty good faster bud drier. it basically uses lots of circulation to increase the rate. supposedly works great and doesnt really ruin the taste too much

    FCSoldier Well-Known Member

    don't use the microwave on full power...thc breaks down at over 150 degrees(around there anyway) most say to use at most 50% power, I used 30% doesn't take too long.
    These are the directions I followed...

    "Put a 1/4 piece of paper towel and put it in the bottom of a microwave safe tupperware container. Next put all your cut-up weed pieces. Now fold the other 2 paper towels and quickly dip them in water, making sure they are evenly wet. Now squeeze out most of the water, then unfold the towels and place on top of the container. Now place the lid on top and press down all corners except for one, so the steam can escape.
    Now we can set the container in the microwave. Set the power to around 40%, set for 1 minute and let it go. Take it out when the minute is up and let it sit for around 20 seconds. If the bottom paper towel is "wet", change it right away. If the 2 "top" paper towels are wet, get them wet again and pet the lid back on.
    Microwave for another minute, and then you must repeat this process for around 4 minutes, or until its dry enough to smoke."

    I have heard others say to use the defrost setting on your microwave(haven't tried it)
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    7585 Member

    Hi I hate when people get good advise from forums and don't reply back saying it woks. so I join to let yall know that it did. here's what I did:I follwed his direction to a tee. I used a medium sizes tupperware container. folded a paper towle at the bottom and spead out the product folded two paper towles wet them and rang it out real good my bottom towle never got wet enough to have to change and my wet paper towle never dried out. I set my mic at pl-3 and used 1 min, then 40 sec, repeated 3 times. its important to note that its smart to let it sit longer inbetween sessions in the mic also ur house will smell for atleast two hrs gd luck and stay safe

    tokeCALIkush Active Member

    I used to dry my buds in the microwave, recently I have started to just place them under two 60w lights, they dry within an hour
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    tokeCALIkush Active Member

    Aight so I just tried fcs method, it did work bud it didnt dry the buds as much as the 60 watt lights do, it just take out the moisture to make them smokable, and I think your method loses more thc, im still stoned though bud I had 2 smoke 2 fat bong bowls
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    tokeCALIkush Active Member

    the point of speed drying buds is so you can smoke, of course your going to lose potency but thats not the point

    PeaceLuvPot Member

    You guys that are in such a rush to dry it. You are taking all that time to grow good buds, and then you aren't curing it for at least 4 weeks? That seems to be such a waste to me. Don't rush the drying, you still got about a month left after it dries till you should smoke it. lol.
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    FCSoldier Well-Known Member

    Most people that are quick drying aren't doing their whole crop that way, I myself have a recommendation for 25 plants and 5 pounds of processed cannabis. I will have more than what I can have processed at one time, which means quick drying will provide me with medicine until the rest of my buds are properly dried and cured at which point I will donate the excess to a local cooperative which uses it to help those who cannot afford medicine.

    This thread was started to help someone who needed to quick dry, not quick drying vs curing. Most people know you lose potency when quick drying, plus it usually tastes like crap...I'm just curious as to why some people lack the ability to understand that if someone wants to do something it is their choice to do so, if you don't want to post helpful info, then why post at all?
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    D.tea Active Member

    100% /b/ro. And to prove a point I went and cut a bud off my plant to try the method. I tried it on pl-2, first for 1min, then 15s without, then 40s in again (this is on a 1200w microwave) I was perfectly dry, the stem snapped any everything. I just finished smokin' the bowl and we'll see what happens.
    bud nugbong

    bud nugbong Moderator

    all i can say is the slower the better...im sure youve heard it a bunch by now but it is so true, quickly dried buds taste harsh burn your throat and lungs and just taste like burned pubic hair (i could imagine).

    let it sit/hang for a few days for smaller ones and a week plus for the big colas. and once you think its dry enough ( snap the stem test) put it into jars to "cure" and just keep them there for storage. you will notice the taste and high improve over time in the jar.

    if your hustlin and dont give a shit about the consumer dry it out and make it taste bad, but there is nothing better than reefer that is dried slowly and taken care of.
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    chr0nic2k Member

    I used a 60 watt light and put about 3 grams on a plate. I put the light close to the bud. It dried it out in about 3 hours, but regularly check. Honestly its not worth it at all. The buds get crispy and it has a bad taste and is harsh to smoke. I suggest taking a little bit at a time off ur plant, just a lil bit to smoke an get u by. After drying and curing my weed tasted so much better, i was really pissed because i wasted 10 grams quick drying.

    passthatsh!t23 Well-Known Member

    I took popcorn nuggets off my plant and microwaved it. And got pretty stoned off it.

    jondamon Well-Known Member

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    An Alright Start

    An Alright Start Member

    Hey, just to let you guys know, you probably won't lose all that much potency when quick curing bud in a microwave. All a microwave does is it will vibrate water molecules at very fast speeds, causing friction, and both drying out your foods and making them hot. It shouldn't make a huge difference with potency.

    BBUd Member

    Wanna Know wat I did? Probably not but ill tell u anyway. I wrapped the buds up in tin foil (only 1 layer but 2 at max) and put them directly on top of a 60w lite. Burns like a charm and still has tons of thc
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