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Fast Edible?

Discussion in 'Cooking With Cannabis' started by loc2thabrainn, Jun 8, 2008.


    loc2thabrainn Active Member

    I dont really care about taste that much... but can someone give me a recipe for a potent edible that takes less than an hour to make? something small too, not a meal or anything

    and also if it requires less than an eighth that would be good too, doesnt have to be though
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    Melthius420 Well-Known Member

    make firecrackers bro.....
    put peanut butter on 2 saltine crackers and then put sum herb inside and cover it in tinfoil then bake until its nice and golden brown and the peanut butter is gooey then just let it cool and eat the shit ive done it and got pretty baked man it works cuz the fats in the peanut butter extracts the THC...


    loc2thabrainn Active Member

    what temperature do i bake at and for how long??

    K.evans91 Active Member

    a friend told me put the oven at about 350 and cook for a couple of minutes, or until its nice and bronzed.. gotta try that shit myself

    RolliePollie Well-Known Member

    Man I'll try that shit tomorrow!!!

    K.evans91 Active Member

    let me know what kind of buzz you get bro :)

    Melthius420 Well-Known Member

    idk man i just jack up the oven and keep watchin um till there brown it doesnt take that long.......

    loc2thabrainn Active Member

    but if theyre wrapped in foil how can you watch them?

    Melthius420 Well-Known Member

    well smartass u get these things called tongs and pull the foil back to see if there done

    loc2thabrainn Active Member

    where can i obtain these "tongs" you speak of?

    MetalSmelter Well-Known Member

    Your local hardware store, grocery store, and probobly pharmacy.

    d0z3r Well-Known Member

    Easy bake cookies:

    Get a sleeve of those Pillsbury cookie dough(toaster cookies).

    Place desired number of cookies onto little toaster oven cookie sheet.

    Push 1/2 tsp of ground medical cannabis into top each cookie.

    Put in a toaster oven and bake as directed on packaging.(5-10 minutes)


    Bienvenue Active Member

    uhm forget the oven, microwave the saltine for 30 secs. works like a charm. i've had two lung surgeries so smoking isn't an option for me. making saltines is something that i've been doing for years with only positive results.

    abins33 Active Member

    I got it for you man....i used to do this all the time before the rents would get home or id go to school any time i felt like getting ripped without anyone knowing

    -Any type of cracker but preferably something that goes well with peanut butter
    -ORGANIC PEANUT BUTTER (That skippy shit dont work theres not enough oil in it, trust me i tried skippy and it was a waste of weed use organic u will thank me)
    -Tin Foil

    What i used to do is get like a gram of weed, and cut it up or grind it up the BEST that u can on like a plate or something.

    Put the peanut butter on one side of the cracker sprinkle like .2 of a gram on one cracker (the finer cut it is the more THC will be absorbed into the oils within the peanut butter)

    Put peanut butter on the other side of a cracker and seal the weed in the sandwich

    now wrap the crackers tightly in the tin foil and bake at exactly 325 for 22 minutes....no more no less ive found from reading others that that is the optimal

    They come out golden brown and dont smell the house up at all as long as u pack them tightly in the tin foil

    ive eaten them anywhere and everywhere ppl just think ur eaten crackers

    Enjoy them and within an hour it should hit u (i usually ate 2 to get a good 3-5 hours or 3 for a good 6-8) if u eat like 5 then ur just plain baked for a while
    Another good thing with these is it uses a little amount of weed but goes a long way.....enjoooyyy and spread the recipe

    abins33 Active Member

    i might add that the high is alot different than smokin (it never made me tired) and if u ever wanna experience some crazy shit eat like 10 of them....i did and it felt like someone strapped rockets to my feet for like a day and a half

    NewGrowth Well-Known Member

    You want a really fast edible and don't care about taste? Well just eat the buds

    sens1 Well-Known Member

    grilled cheese and pot on toast.

    just get some toast, put some grated cheese on it and a pinch of green(and other herbs if you like) then grill it. The grilling activates the weed for eating and melts the cheese at the same time - because the cheese is fatty it also absorbs the thc.
    oh really???

    oh really??? Well-Known Member

    I'll try this today. I have been baking with 5 grams of hash. And that makes me 24 bitesize brownies. So I guess I'll do this with 1 gram of pineapple trainwreck. I'll let you know how my snack turns out.

    tinyTURTLE Well-Known Member

    i just butter toast with cannabutter.
    butter made with an ounce of trim to a half pound of butter (2 sticks).
    very sedative.
    made a little better using some strawberry jam.

    tinyTURTLE Well-Known Member

    this also works on french toast pizza. but put it on at the end because you have to cook the pizza higher than vape temps. (vape is at 360f, pizza cooks at 425).
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