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Fancy or Trick doobies

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by Dankometer, Oct 26, 2008.


    Dankometer Active Member

    So I am a fan of joints. There, that being said, I like to change things up from time to time. I know of only 3 types of doobies. Regular, straight and to the point, the reverse, where you roll the joint with the gum side down, and burn the excess at the end, and lastly the tulip which is something that resembles a golf ball at the end of a joint. Anyone know of any other type of fancy rolls? I am interested in trying them.

    Here is the link where I found my techniques Joint rolling info how to roll a spliff and roll a joint rolling instructions

    jollygreengiant8 Well-Known Member

    theres a book called spliffs that is pretty good..tells you how to roll crazy shit..like cross joints and a ring of fire
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    gogrow confused

    +rep... i have that book:bigjoint:

    Dankometer Active Member

    right on, I'm going to look into getting that, thanks!

    jollygreengiant8 Well-Known Member

    ahh a friend of mine had it and i thought it was a great read..but it was her dads and he eventually took it back

    but i always wanted to pull out a crazy rolled joint around my friends..thats sure to impress:bigjoint:

    ALX420 Well-Known Member

    you can braid three skinny joints together.

    passdabong Well-Known Member

    One of my friends who I haven't seen in quite a while did a small variation of this, and holy shit it was incredible.

    I HAVE to know how now.

    MrHowardMarks Well-Known Member

    Seriously, big extravagant joints aren't cool in my book, smokeability is.

    I roll joints that look exactly like a filtered cigarette, with filter. So much so, twice a cop saw them and let me walk. It only tastes good when it's fresh, so why waste a whole bunch of weed on a bigass joint, when you could roll 4 smaller ones that will get you high, and taste good til the end.

    Elements 1 inch rice papers.

    Zen filters


    buffalosoulja Well-Known Member

    Elements are theeeeeee best. Never heard of zen filters, i usually construct roach, but filter i'll have to check those out. Im guessing they dont filter the thc?

    Dankometer Active Member

    I prefer Raw or hempire's. As for the filters, none for me. I'm not saying I will roll one of these everyday, but who doesn't like a nice fancy joint on the occasional holiday?

    milkyrip420 Well-Known Member

    yeah, raws or the pinkfloyd papers are nice, they roll nice and smooth.

    MrHowardMarks Well-Known Member

    Did Pink Floyd start making papers? Damn times must be hard... :mrgreen:

    The filter really take some of the harsh ness out of the smoke, it really does reduce the tar. No sticky fingers or lips from resin. I used to roll up little pieces of cardstock for roaches/filters, different names... Until I found these filters. There are like 100 in a bag, they're called "zen regular filter tips", there's a web address on the bag, zensmoke.com-rolling papers, flavored rolling papers, custom rolling papers, blunt wrappers, and flavored blunt wrappers

    gogrow confused

    maybe i just dont get out of the woods enough, but i have never in my life actually seen someone roll a joint with a "filter".... yet i have always seen a filter in rolling guides... is this a european thing like the mixing the weed with tobacco???? what does it do??

    Dankometer Active Member

    That is what filters do. Mixing with tobacco is for smokers obviously, but it slows the burn, gives you that nicotine buzz, and requires less dank to roll the "spliff" as they are called.

    MrHowardMarks Well-Known Member

    No, I just figure I smoke a shitload of joints, like 10 a day when I'm all stocked up, so I needed a way of filtering out some of the tar.

    It's pretty easy to do.

    You need a grinder to grind the weed, but not to fine.

    Then you roll an even joint, no lumps, not a cone or torpedo, just straight like a cigarette. You need extra weed to get good at it, it'll fall out the ends. Start in the middle and roll towards the ends, most people try to keep every little bit of weed in the paper and pinch it from the ends and twist. Ends up with a little hole to suck from, which doesn't allow good airflow.

    Once you've rolled an even cigarette, open the paper, scrape out enough from one end to put in your filter, and rollitup.

    I'd imagine you could use one of those rolling machines to do this, I've never tried... I roll them pretty fast, like 30 seconds.

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    inside-out doobie, ................ IMG_3649.jpg

    3 paper cone, ................ IMG_3383.jpg IMG_3387.jpg IMG_3396.jpg

    hash tube doobie, .................... IMG_3419.jpg IMG_3420.jpg IMG_3439.jpg

    Bookworm Well-Known Member

    fdd did you ever successsfully roll one of those has tubes?

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    i'm waiting for more hash. i don't have enough right now. i have a huge bag of trim though. *winter project* :eyesmoke:

    MrHowardMarks Well-Known Member

    Shit FDD, looks like you could just light one end and wave it around like an old hippie with a stick of sage :bigjoint:

    I wish I uploaded a pic of my hash dome I had a friend blow for me... :roll:

    gogrow confused

    hey fdd, is that the $100 doobie pic.... or did you start making your own???

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