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Failed drug test today for new job!!

Discussion in 'Legal Edge' started by JJFOURTWENTY, Apr 5, 2012.


    JJFOURTWENTY Well-Known Member

    And a really good job at that! Test was a SAHMSA 5-Panel urine given by LabCorp. The last time I had smoked any marijuana at all was 18 days prior to taking the test. And here's the thing - I had two take a separate piss tests just TWO DAYS prior via U.S. HealthWorks, WHICH I HAD PASSED, for another job that called back the same day as these guys and whom I had to turn down for!!

    and to top it all off... TODAY IS MY FUCKING BIRTHDAY!!!

    The company of course called me back and said they'd have to rescind the job offer, I contested that I peed in a cup, ON THEIR OWN FUCKIN JOBSITE during the physical they had given me just an hour before going to take the LabCorp test! How the fuck does that make any sense??!!? I pass two out of three drug tests in three days and they take the last one as legit??
    Of course I told them I'd LOVE to take another piss test IMMEDIATELY. The clown told me that the decision is not up to him and the guy who can make it is out of the office (yeah right - bullshit pussy!). We definitely had ourselves a little exchange on the phone there and I know he made an ass of himself in his cubicle, so that at least is a plus. But damn... turned down another good job for this one, spent four days going through a battery of bullshit tests, buying the required $125 steel toe boots, and then to be shot down in the end - on my birthday no less??!? JESUS FUCKING CHRIST YOU CAN BET YOUR ASS THAT I'M FUCKING PISSED!!!!!!!!


    Ilovebush Well-Known Member

    First off, Happy Birthday and sorry to hear that bullshit. You should have used the strap on dick. That sucks but maybe the test parameters were different? It's sad that it has come to this. Does that mean that if you took prescriptions drugs you would be subject to the same crap? I don't get it...then again, I'm Cannabian and we don't have to take piss tests. The problem is even if you pass, many companies will subject you to random testing so you would have to quit smoking all together if you wanna keep your job. I guess pot smokers are the worst of the worst...what a joke! DON'T LET IT RUIN YOUR DAY! These are speed bumps that should make you more determined. It's true when they say "if it doesn't kill you, it will make you stronger!"

    DSB65 Well-Known Member

    life sucks at times...

    JJFOURTWENTY Well-Known Member

    Yeah it just sucks, no matter what way you look at it. And it was a good job too, like as in potential career material.

    Oh well, none of this will stop me though from continuing on with my favorite hobby!

    redivider Well-Known Member

    you buy the expensive steel toed shoes after you get the formal job offer and you've sifted through company policy and found out you can be reinbursed. if not just buy the crappy ones.

    JJFOURTWENTY Well-Known Member

    I'd already signed the W-4 form, met with my would-be supervisor (who gave me a two hour tour of the facilities), was introduced to my would-be co-workers, shook the mans hand and said "yes" after he said he'd like to hire me, and was told to show up 7:00 am sharp Monday morning to begin.

    So yeah... It kind of looked like a done deal!

    On a positive note, the shoes I purchased were Red Wings. So it's not like I'm sitting on a crappy pair of boots that I'd be ashamed to wear.

    SSHZ Well-Known Member

    Businesses can adjust the pass/fail numbers they use....... so you can easily pass one place vs. fail at another. The real question is "do u want to work for a company like that anyway?"

    Stay positive, something else will come up for you......
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    unohu69 Well-Known Member

    thats shitty dude. piss tests suck and yeah, im so disgusted with the turn this country has taken. fukin socialists want it to be like europe (not capialized on purpose), maybe they should go there instead of ruining the last bastion of freedom humans had left.
    Blaze Master

    Blaze Master Well-Known Member

    this post makes no sense at all. i'm willing to bet my left nut that people in europe are not subject to drug tests for no good reason. thats the kind of fascist crap that can only happen in a country like the usa.
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    JJFOURTWENTY Well-Known Member

    Completely agree with you 100% Blaze Master.

    JJFOURTWENTY Well-Known Member

    I'm sure there were a few different factors together that played into it. What you'd mentioned would have to be the primary one, most likely the cutoff level involved - 15 ng/ml, 20 ng/ml, 50 ng/ml, 100 ng/ml. But I take a piss test at the facility an hour before and another one for a different company two days prior and pass them both, yet they don't take any of that into consideration? From an outsider's perspective it would seem that there's definitely some merit as to questioning the legitimacy of the third test's outcome.
    And another thing, I'm 5'11'', 160 lbs, have a low BMI, go for an hour walk everyday (sometimes twice), and not to sound vain, look ideally healthy in every way, shape, and form. Given all of the aforementioned and the fact that the last time I smoked was 18 days prior to the test (when my 1st harvest of Serious AK ran out)... it seems that all of the scientific data available on these tests suggest my positive result falls under the "extremely rare" category, and I would have to think so as well.

    So yeah in case anyone out there is wondering, Serious Seed's AK-47 is apparently that dank!

    born2killspam Well-Known Member

    Tests don't detect THC, they detect metabolites of various cannabinoids..

    Mynamehere Active Member

    been there. its fucked up people can go home and get drunk after work to relax but we cant go home after a hard day of work and smoke.

    FlyLikeAnEagle Well-Known Member

    Dear Uninformed, which party wants to drug test welfare recipients? Which party wants higher prison sentences for marijuana? Which party is turning the country into a police state? Which party passed laws to allow govt to steal peoples shit over a joint?

    JJFOURTWENTY Well-Known Member

    ^Rep added!
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    Mindmelted Well-Known Member

    The truth is both have........
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    unohu69 Well-Known Member

    What he said ^^^ both parties are the same. we were never meant to be a two party system. This is not a democracy (where the majority can tell you what to do), this is a republic (where the one man can tell you to go fuck yourself if you dont like what hes doin).

    Sounds to me like so many lemmings out there, you believe the constitution is rules you need to live by.

    Why dont you inform yourself and realize its the rules for the government to follow, not you.

    JJFOURTWENTY Well-Known Member

    Well I can tell you this bullshit won't be happening to me again! Purchased the following items yesterday:





    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    idk what that one is, but i have the whizzinator and use quick fix all the time and have never failed a ua and i get them about once a month or so, not for the courts or anything..
    i love my whizzinator, and quick fix is the cat's meow... :)
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    JJFOURTWENTY Well-Known Member

    They're both straps with a pouch, one for the thigh and one for the waist, both made of neoprene material to keep that bottle of Quick Fix warm.

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