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experienced hydro help

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by FIGUinUSA, Feb 4, 2013.


    FIGUinUSA Member

    Hey y'all, does anyone know if I csn use say like three fifty gallon tubs for like an ebb n flow from eBay, I figure it just keeps flooding until it runs out of water on a timer, I don't know how the flood bucket works tho, seems like I could just pit a bigger resevoir on more buckets and just use one good pump? I figure just adding three tubs with PVC would be a big read our? The ebb n flow I would like five gallon buckets and more space but fifty gallons is limited

    FIGUinUSA Member

    Ebb n grow flood buckets

    noxiously Active Member

    I thought about doing something similar. I was going to get two 18 gallon totes, or even two 50 gallon totes, drill a hole in the sides towards the bottom, get some rubber grommets to make a seal and run a piece of pvc pipe through into both totes creating a bigger res. The way I have it pictured in my mind and have it mapped out it seems like it would work, but it does make me wonder about leaks around the seals. Silicone may help keep it from leaking. If the tubs are cheap enough give it a shot and see how it does. Only thing lost is a little bit of time and money lol.

    bseeds Well-Known Member

    they make a fitting like a flood and drain i think its a bath tub connector it has a wash back rubber gasket washer and nut that put in hole tight it up and also hook a hose to it lot better the gromet i wish iiii could remember the name but look on web in hydro parts and you will find them come in different sizes for your hose and the other is res would be great for maintaning water temps and big operation but would suck for spending a lot on nutes if not needed
    joe macclennan

    joe macclennan Well-Known Member

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