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Experience System

Discussion in 'Support' started by rollitup, Jun 16, 2008.


    MellowFarmer Well-Known Member

    No you are not alone-what scale of Justice pop up window? and where do likes come in?

    Weedasaurus Well-Known Member

    is the experience, the number of green bars above your avatar?

    doowmd Well-Known Member

    the green bar below ur name is your rep. the more rep you recieve the bigger the green bar gets.

    vostok Well-Known Member

    Can a member opt out of this """"SYSTEM""" and still be a contributing member of RIU ....? No Rep. points, No Like points, no rewards expected, no bonus bonds, no BMW at Christmas, no free lottery tickets, no free RIU. T shirt ....etc etc ...lol

    sunni Administrator Staff Member

    no, its there in the system you cannot unuse it

    rollitup Forum Admin Staff Member

    If you don't want your Rep to display, you can turn it off. Go to My Rollitup, and then General Settings, and it's the second option.

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    kagecog Well-Known Member

    Has the system changed for reputation? I've been a member for over a year with almost 400 posts and for some reason its saying "new member" for me now?
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    sunni Administrator Staff Member

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    kagecog Well-Known Member


    michael311 Member

    uI am new to the website, I am happy for this website so nice to meet you all. I have been growing in promix for years but decided i was ready to build a hydro system. I used 4" pvc I have a 16 gallon reservoir, I have a timer set to come on once every 2 hours for 4 mins as that is how long it takes the pipe to flood. this is day 5. I am using my ph at 6.3 and using dyna grow. I am not used to this method but what should I look for? my room conditions are 75 degrees with humidity around 40% fresh air incoming with air being exhausted. About how long should It take to start seeing growth? if anyone could help me please message me as I wont know how to get back to this forum. Thanks for any help

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