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Evil's Adventures Continue...........era of the AutoCob's.........

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by Evil-Mobo, Dec 1, 2017.


    GroErr Well-Known Member

    That Nightmare Kush looks great Evil, will be interested to see how it flowers out. Beautiful plants.
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    Evil-Mobo Well-Known Member

    Thanks brother it has me very excited one of the two smells like straight up Kush :)
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    Cannadab1s Well-Known Member

    How close do you let your lights get to the plants?

    Evil-Mobo Well-Known Member

    I had been having good results with most strains at 14" from the canopy. I find that any closer makes the plants stay smaller and feed more aggressive and start having deficiencies. However I am.now messing around with having my lights further away and it's only been a couple of days but so far so good. The lights are currently at 30" away ..........
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    Humanrob Well-Known Member

    I've had similar results. During stretch I'm always trying to lower them... I guess to make sure the stretch is normal and not impacted by too little light. But it never works out, I always end out raising them again. I've read a bunch of grow threads where guys running them at 50w+ keep them much closer, just doesn't work for me. Maybe only hydro can get away with that?

    Speaking of alternative media... Evil, what's your conclusion of your experiments with SIPs? It looks like you aren't using them anymore?

    Next run (starting in January) I'm still planning on doing a sip/non-sip comparison, since I'll be running two of the same strain in the 2x4. Maybe I'll come to some sort of conclusion, that one will be a long run from seed so it'll be May before it's over.
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    Evil-Mobo Well-Known Member

    What I have found so far with the SIPs indoors growing mmj is the plants get very stretchy and need a lot of support as the branches don't seem to be able to support the weight of the buds during flower. Also the individual units need very frequent watering so yeah it's easy to grow with sips but the frequency of watering doesn't change much for me with the single units. I have ideas for SIPs in a different setup for outdoors with the green house next spring but for the time being for my mmj indoors I will proceed with the fabric pots. I am looking into blumats or some type of DIY system to water the plants that's not flood and drain but still automated to some point. Right now I just want a few runs with things the same to take a break from testing this or that. But it just seems inevitable that for some time at the beginning for any grower you are constantly changing things in an attempt to improve as a grower and from learning new things. As I have said before in other threads I am okaying around with a theory of less light. I'm at about 25-30 watts/sq ft which is about half of what's popular. I think many people running 50w/sq ft are having deficiency issues because they're using too much light. But that's just my opinion. I will soon have more answers but so far using less light and these cobs I am growing some of my best medicine ever so something is going right. This is what's working for me right now you know. So I am sticking with it.

    Humanrob Well-Known Member

    I've also found that less light can make for happier plants. I love the variety of strains I've grown, but the downside is that I don't have solid grow-to-grow comparisons. I think that when I've dialed down the lights and grown under less w/sf (or kept the lights higher), I've had greener lusher plants that suffered from less deficiencies -- but I've gotten less dense buds and less overall weight. It seems like on subsequent grows when I've turned them back up, the buds got beefier and maybe even frostier. I'll be curious to see if you find something similar.
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    Cannadab1s Well-Known Member

    Ok, cool. I just figured since im at 50w cobs too id try and run a comparison. Im at about 10 inches from my tops right now, was looking for bleaching and canoeing signs but had no clue too much light could stunt a plant. I had my lights closer and plant still stretched like crazy so im thinking it may be a genetic stretch (bagseed unknown)
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    Humanrob Well-Known Member

    This is one of the things that makes getting to the bottom of these topics difficult -- we're all growing different strains with different medium and nutes -- when the lights are the only thing we have in common it seems to me that we're comparing apples and oranges. It's still interesting though, if we get enough data and look across it, we might see trends after a while.

    Evil-Mobo Well-Known Member

    That's why I like to share my grows. If a bunch of us do the same maybe as you say we can find some trends.

    Evil-Mobo Well-Known Member

    Few pics from tonight. I am very happy with how things are coming along right now and excited about getting the 4x8 up and running. My fabric pots shipped today as well as the first part of my COB order which is (4) of the 3500K.

    Thanks for checking in

    IMG_20171206_015752.jpg IMG_20171206_015801.jpg IMG_20171206_015810.jpg IMG_20171206_015846.jpg IMG_20171206_015853.jpg IMG_20171206_015904.jpg
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    Evil-Mobo Well-Known Member

    6 Mephisto Sour Hound F2 Auto's went into dirt tonight. Let's see how many pop up hopefully all of them


    Evil-Mobo Well-Known Member

    This is what happens when I get bored and go in the grow room lol.


    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    Oh no!

    Do NOT let this guy get bored!

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    Evil-Mobo Well-Known Member

    Once they bounce back I'm taking cuts and flipping to 12/12. Four of the plants are not retail strains. I got a Fookies going and the first three beans of my second cross. It's cool to be able to grow different strains :) Aside from that it's (3) Dark Plasma from Ocean Grown Seeds. I have quite a pile of OG beans and these are the first I have decided to try out. One of the three is massive and looking good.

    Evil-Mobo Well-Known Member

    Few shots of the garden tonight:

    IMG_20171206_200701.jpg IMG_20171206_200715.jpg IMG_20171206_200725.jpg IMG_20171206_200743.jpg

    ChaosHunter Well-Known Member

    I'm getting it done with 35w sq ft. 12in from canopy and my plants get mad at me. 18+ seems to be the sweet spot.

    dubekoms Well-Known Member

    I love the cover crop in there! Looks like a jungle lol
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    Evil-Mobo Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the kind words guys. Here's a few pics from tonight :

    IMG_20171208_012347.jpg IMG_20171208_012417.jpg IMG_20171208_012428.jpg IMG_20171208_012552.jpg IMG_20171208_012613.jpg IMG_20171208_012651.jpg
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    vertnugs Well-Known Member

    Lol i had to look twice.

    I thought it was 11.6 degrees in there.

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