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    Justin is the perfect example of exactly that.
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    I watched incredulously as an accomplished wrestler did everything in his power to not wrestle. A small dose of humility might have won him that fight. Good fights tho. Wife and I had the house to ourselves. Nice to watch a fight in silence.
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    I totally agree with about everything you are saying .I mean we both basically said the same thing lol..but I think the leg kicks Justin throws are 65% from being able to take those shots ...I mean if he were moving a lot I don't think he would be able to throw near as many..but he could still throw quite a few and do damage..plus if he were sticking and moving...WHILE putting the pressure on them he still does..AND using his fucking AA wrestling skills...in this case he is a top 3 ta 5 fighter ... for a long time...if he really really learns to use that wrestling and add some BJJ w it...keep that toughness in his back pocket for when the going gets tough...he moves up to a #1 contender ..maybe hold the belt for awhile...and that is what he should do if he really wants to taste gold one day..he is gonna have to get w the program..get a BJJ trainer ..a coach who can make him tie everything together... and use that fn wrestling...if he wants to be a champ and not a brain injured apple sauce eater who won fight of the night ..lined Dana whites pockets ...and went out w a UFC record of 6-5 ..with some "unforgettable" fights
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    Barboza by ko
    Edgar by tko
    Johns by ko
    Miller by sub.

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