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Everything MMA Thread

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Padawanbater2, Aug 22, 2012.


    KryptoBud Well-Known Member

    I like Stipe too, he needs to kick the shit outta his legs, take him down, and wear him out. Most guys with that much power and muscle mass have a small gas tank. I think Overeem got a little over confident, sloppy, and paid for it.
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    Padawanbater2 Well-Known Member

    Because all of us are dying to see it
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    KryptoBud Well-Known Member

    Just watched the press conference Khabib vs Ferguson, they're fighting for the real belt. It'll happen this time, they also announced a rematch between rose and joanna as the co main.

    Padawanbater2 Well-Known Member


    I like both Rose and Joanna, it's tough to pick a winner. I think Joanna is the best striker in the female division for sure, nobody else even comes close. I think she may have underestimated Rose in their first fight, or maybe didn't take her as seriously as she should have, I doubt she makes that mistake again. I think she's going to train hard for this fight and come back with the win with some heavy hands in the second fight.

    Khabib v. Ferguson looks to be on. I can't fucking wait to see that fight! A lot of questions are going to be answered. Tony is unreal on the ground backed up by very proficient, unorthodox, unpredictable striking while Khabib is undoubtedly the best grappler in the entire company with insane strength with a will and mindset to match. What happens when an unmovable object meets and unstoppable force? I guess we're gonna find out on April 7th!
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    Toxic Avenger

    Toxic Avenger Member

    Will be flipping back and forth Saturday. Rory stops Lima in 2nd round TKO.

    natureboygrower Well-Known Member

    yeah but Khabib was healthy for his last fight.chances are pretty high he'll hurt himself getting out of bed before his nxt fight lolz
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    KryptoBud Well-Known Member

    I like joanna in the rematch.

    I bet the ufc is hoping Khabib gets hurt. As long as he's healthy their cash cow isn't coming back.

    UFC 222
    Edgars gonna beat Holloway

    Excessive_Toker Member


    Francis Ngannou.
    Daniel Cormier

    Toxic Avenger

    Toxic Avenger Member

    Terrible officiating in bellator comain no reason for that stand up in third or the separation in second round
    Toxic Avenger

    Toxic Avenger Member

    Jason herson should stop trying to influence a wicked scrap
    Toxic Avenger

    Toxic Avenger Member

    Rories shin looks like Homonicks forehead post Aldo. Good fight too bad for Lima he couldn't capitalize on those leg kicks
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    Padawanbater2 Well-Known Member

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    KryptoBud Well-Known Member

    Last nights main and co main were pathetic. One sided beatings, both of them. UFC needs to find fighters and not worry about making stars, sad,sad excuse for championship fights. Did anyone tell Francis that ground fighting was allowed in mma? I didn't think he would be great on the mat, but that was awful.

    Best part of the night was Stipe taking the belt from Dana and giving it to his coach.

    CannaBruh Well-Known Member

    They are getting good at framing fighters of having a better chance than should realistically be given. Sure anyone can win, but "there are levels to this." I was even buying it in both cases. I picked both champs to win but the media had me second guessing my choices.

    Padawanbater2 Well-Known Member

    You could tell by the way Stipe took the belt from Dana and gave it to his coach to put around him when Buffer called out the winner he was pretty fed up with it too

    Stipe is the baddest HW ever, I'd put him top 5 in the entire company along with guys like Demetrious Johnson

    KryptoBud Well-Known Member

    The UFC's catching some heat from fans and other fight camp's for promoting Ngannou the way they did. They had to know he was lacking in every area besides power. That might've been the worst title fight I've seen. That one or Nunez v Rousey where one fighter is completely outclassed.

    They shit all over some of their best fighters Stipe, Woodley, Amanda Nunez, or DJ and promote the hell outta Ngannou, mcducker, PVZ, cm punk, sage northcut or justin gaethje. That's gotta rub some people the wrong way. I was gonna add Rousey to the list, but she fought who was there and beat them all I can't blame her for lack of competition.

    They also announced Cyborg's next fight, in July vs. Amanda Nunez
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    Dabbinblunted Well-Known Member

    Anyone think Joanna gets her belt back in the rematch with rose?

    Andrewk420 Active Member

    I think she wins the rematch. Obviously Rose is a beast, but that finish was just a hair flukey to me.

    I think Joanna seems like the kind of fighter that will come in a little pissed off about it and put a beat down on her. I hope that happens. Women's MMA needs a legit trilogy/rivalry.

    Andrewk420 Active Member

    I agree. I was listening to people argue that he's not better than Cain. I laughed until I realized they were serious. Cain doesn't deserve to be talked about in the best HW ever conversation. He's beat 3 fighters since 2011.
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    a mongo frog

    a mongo frog Well-Known Member

    I think Rose chin checked her out cold, those are usually not flukes when punches get through. Hopefully Rose gets a million bucks for this KO this time.
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