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Ethel Spray ?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by SHOOT2KILL66, Aug 12, 2007.


    SHOOT2KILL66 The Gardener

    Ive Read Somewere That If U Spray You Plants With Ethrel When They Are In Very Early Vegging Stage .it Makes A Higher % Of Them Female 80 % I Think It Was Not Sure .
    Plus It Makes Them Grow Faster And Stronger And Bigger

    Could This Be True ?

    Its A Chemical And Ive Also Heard It Can Make Plants Become Deformed So I Guess It Could Be Also Dangerous So Mybe The 1st Generation Could Be Used Just For Clones Then Killed ?

    I Was Reading Somthing About Dutch Masters And Thats Were I Came Across This Ethrel Spray ..

    SHOOT2KILL66 The Gardener

    No 1 Heard Of This Shit Or Used It , Its A Bit Expencive $35 A Gram

    aeiou Active Member

    i've read a little bit about this as well. ive also read that if you are successful at feminizing a male plant, the yield is generally lower because the plant just doesnt produce the same amount of buds. dont know, never had any experience myself...

    Pseudonym Well-Known Member

    From what I understand, Ethrel is poisonous if you don't use it with the correct equipment, so I wouldn't reccommend it. Just stick to what nature gives you.

    SHOOT2KILL66 The Gardener

    Ive heard that its dangerous and it makes plants deformed but if it made my 1st generation seeds all or mostly female id just clone them all and then dump them Or is it not worth the trouble

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