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Epsom salt mix

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by SteveDaSavage, Sep 25, 2008.


    SteveDaSavage Well-Known Member

    How safe is it to use a epsom salt mix on my plant? I read both positive and negative things about it.Im growing in soil is it a bad idea?

    la9 Well-Known Member

    It's easy to make things complicated by trying to add everything in the store but I'll tell you what I do.

    I grow in soil.

    I water a couple times a week.

    I mix a weak solution of hydro nutes in with the water and never worry about anything else.

    If you are having some kind of problems you might think about it but if your plants are looking good don't change anything.

    SteveDaSavage Well-Known Member

    Yea I just want to use it because some of my lower leaves are necrosis and yellowing and I also see some purple stems on some fan leaves.I just cant figure out whats wrong with the plant.Most leaves are also drooping down. :wall:

    la9 Well-Known Member

    The lower leaves usually do yellow and fall off at some point and is perfectly normal.

    SteveDaSavage Well-Known Member

    Yea I know but the plant overall is not looking so good.All of the fan leaves are drooping down and the top ones are clawed.I have been trying to figure out whats wrong for almost two weeks.My ph is fine, temps never go above 81 with lights on and never lower than 70 when off, I was feeding fox farms tiger bloom every other feeding at 1/4 strength. I just cant seem to figure out the problem.

    la9 Well-Known Member

    Two choices and if you guess wrong you will probably kill it.

    Quit giving it nutes for awhile and see what happens.

    Increase the nute because it isn't getting enough and that is why it's dying.

    Another thing I thought of is, how often do you water it ? More than once a day is probably too much. Every other day is probably better.
    Missus GreenJeans

    Missus GreenJeans Active Member

    hey again, a drop of humic acid in your water is what you're lacking. Duhhh sorry I didnt catch all your post explaining what nutrient you're using. Good luck

    calicat Well-Known Member

    Epsom salt mixes are normally used if there is either a calcium or a magnesium deficiency in your plants. Yellowing of lower foliage is normal over the course of time. Fan leaves typically can get purple and even strains such as my blueberry naturally have purple stems. That is good you are diluting your fox farm nutes because if you use the recommended dosage on their label it does not apply to all marijuana plants because some strains hunger for it while others do not tolerate it. The question would be what stage is your plant in? Vegetative or Flowering. The next question would be at what week is your plant in. If you are way off on the fox feeding schedule then you would be introducing nutrients in the wrong sequence, meaning you could be giving your plant the wrong nutrients in the wrong phase of development.

    SteveDaSavage Well-Known Member

    My plant is in the 3rd week of flowering...Im using tiger bloom.

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