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Epsom Salt Get you High?? :-/

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by brewing up, Jan 10, 2012.

    brewing up

    brewing up Well-Known Member

    hi reading online about epsom salt and people say it gets you high when sniffed, injected or smoked :-/ has any1 tried this? if so wat was the effects like??

    Jogro Well-Known Member

    Its magnesium sulfate, and no it won't get you high, period.

    Don't believe everything you read on the internet.

    If you could really "get high" on epsom salts, do you think they would be available over the counter at every drug store and supermarket in the country for a few bucks?

    growone Well-Known Member

    i'd say injected would be an experience, fatal? maybe, but it's an experience

    Ringsixty Well-Known Member

    The bath salts you are talking about is another type.
    Sold @ some head shops.
    Don't fuck with that stuff.
    Do some research... Bad stuff.

    cannabineer Ursus marijanus

    Epsom salts are used as a laxative, at some heroically high dose. I cannot imagine the unpleasantness of snorting them. Not the same kind of "shit face" experience. cn

    James87 Active Member

    Some "bath salts" can fuck you up. No idea if they are actually salts, but some weird chems. Epsom salt isn't going to do anything.

    VX420 Active Member

    Ha Ha yep and Banana peels too... let us know how it works for you

    VX420 Active Member

    Yes "Bath Salt" is a media term, like a bat is a AK-47
    DQ Blizzard

    DQ Blizzard Active Member

    WARNING: Marijuana may cause excessive masterbation, hysterical laughter and a increase in appetite!!!

    bkbbudz New Member

    HMMM maybe thats why I get stoned when soaking my hemmerhoids huh?

    And please if you choose to experiment with this insanity, do not inject it.

    Denocash Member

    Yeah bro not a good idea!!!! Smoke some weed and chill. Please respond to your post so we know your not dead.
    brewing up

    brewing up Well-Known Member

    lmao im not guna sniff it, im stupid yea but not that stupid lol i got it 4 my plants but read online that ppl sniff it for a high :-/ i dont do drugs apart from cannabis, hardly eva drink, i prefer to smoke and chill than getting drunk n causing trouble n fighting

    jtrimbl3 Active Member

    If you really wanna get high, shit into a brown paper bag and sniff that motherfucker like you're on an airplane with anxiety

    Jogro Well-Known Member

    The designer drug widely known as "bath salts" contain a chemical that is related to MDMA - "ecstacy" and other amphetamines, and snorting that stuff certainly will get you high. This drug is only called "bath salts" because that's how its marketed.

    Nobody actually ever takes a bath with these "bath salts" and there is no chemical similarity between the bath-salts drug and epsom salts; they are two entirely different things.

    The bath salts drug can be hard to dose correctly, and are associated with a variety of nasty side effects. This drug is increasingly being banned in a variety of states and locations, and personally I would stay away from it.

    I think its only a matter of time before its banned on a Federal level.

    BudReaky Well-Known Member

    Absolutely correct.i tried that crap like 2 months ago.it was ridiculous.felt like I was on meth.2 little bumps lasted 8+ hours.wouldn't recommend it.apparently alot of people commit murder suicides on it...

    scroglodyte Well-Known Member

    PAINT......XEROX CLEANER.......GASOLINE.......will get you "high." nature has given us plants for getting high, lad........

    EmilyRose Member

    Oh my god so thats where i went wrong :/ :) could go for another joint now.

    James87 Active Member

    You and me, lol and a big fat priapism you can smoke all night.

    TheBillGrowzer Member

    yea this is some bad shit. We had a good friend Randi, who is now addicted to this shit. She even broke into the local head shop to steal all their bath salt- leaving all the other awesome stuff alone in the store! She actually injects the shit into her veins! She is diabetic and so has needles for her insulin.

    On another similar note, I tried some synthetic weed a few weeks ago and I had a straight up panic attack- the stuff called 'mad hatter' I felt like I was going to die. What I want to know is how anyone could enjoy the buzz of feeling like your body is shutting down?
    DQ Blizzard

    DQ Blizzard Active Member

    I 2nd that!!!

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