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Energy cost on 1000 watt hps'

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by theratfords, Jul 25, 2008.


    theratfords Well-Known Member

    Hey guys/gals. I just upgraded to a 1000w hps. I was wondering if someone could tell me realistically how much my electric bill will go up. Will having just one of these be enough to raise any red flags with the Dunkin' Dounuts loving pigs. Any help is appriciated of course.
    See ya.

    mygirls Medical Marijuana (MOD)

    i run a 1000wtt hps, 400wtt mh, 2- 20 inch box fans 1 little 6 inch fan, my bill hase gone up $75.00

    Bongulator Well-Known Member

    Look on your electric bill and find the cost per kwh (kilowatt hour). Assuming you run the 1k light 12 hours per day, that'd be 12 kwh's per day, times 30 for the month, or about 360 kilowatt hours. If your rate is $0.20 per kwh, then that'd be $72.00 (360 * 0.20). That's just the light, not counting any fans or anything else.

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