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Emerald Triangle Sour Lemon Og and Grapefruit Krush

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by yung420, Jan 27, 2013.


    yung420 Active Member

    I've just got done with some of their blueberry headband which was some of the best I've had in awhile, but I wanted to know if anyone could give me some info as far as yields, potency, how long the veg was, etc. Bout to run these, another blueberry headband, and paradise seeds delahaze. Peace and Thanks

    rymur Member

    how was the yield on the blueberry headband any bannanas alot of blueberry crosses seem to get them
    bo fli 7000

    bo fli 7000 Active Member

    I grew it yield was great but not my kind of smoke

    yung420 Active Member

    Non whatsoever a nice mixture of berries and og

    iSmokealottaweed Active Member

    I'm running a freebie Grapefruit Krush I got from Attitude as well. Still in veg so I can't offer much info other than it being easy to grow so far. Wont be going into flower for a couple weeks but i'll look back for your update and share my own.

    Good luck :joint:

    silverhazefiend Well-Known Member

    I got about 30 grams of bb headband plant 1 and plant 2 I got about 26 grams ..maybe less

    Vegged 4 weeks from seed ..110 watt and 600 flower ..no training or topping ..I think if I gave it more light in veg like 200-300 wAtts my yield would have been better ..big stalks but the roots didnt fell the pot ..2 gallon

    Plant 1 tastes kinda bland ..Stoney High with out much body ..light berry taste

    Plant 2 Tasted like bubba kush / berry ..it had a sweet berry inhale with a nice bubba exhale ..semi hard light nugs ..this one grows just like a Xmas tree with really nice branching ..this is the pheno to look for ..

    I also did 2 lemon diesels I can give u the yield and smoke report on that 2 ..I have pics but I haven't uploaded yet

    yung420 Active Member

    That's crazy...the blueberry one I got 61 and the Bubba one gave me almost 3 ozs. Experimented with 12/12 from with no training, 2 gallon pots, with 400 watt all the way thru. Topping this go round for sure. What's the lemon diesel about??? I'm tempted to buy lost coast og and cherry og

    silverhazefiend Well-Known Member

    Same thing I said I'm used to getting atleast 60 grams but I didn't top or train ..idk if it was the weather or me using MH for the first 4 weeks then switching to hps that cause the lack of yield ..

    The lemon diesel was semi decent ..same treatment veg for 4 weeks or until pre flowers show ..

    Plant 1 ..semi hard nuggs ..smelled of a deep skunk like smell really stink but not in a chem or og way ..jus like rotting fruit ..it tasted like a really strong old school pine flavor ..the high was creeper ..u can smoke it and get things done ..but 2 much and ur going to sleep ..decent amount of trichs

    Plant 2 ..super fluffy but super frosty ..long flowering ..bubble calx with dark red hairs ..same high as plant one but a tad but smoother ..tasted like a LIGHT lemon ..but kinda bland to me ..but for bag appeal ,smell, etc this plant wins ..it's one of those u break a nug an ur hand stinks forever ..but taste and potency needs to step it up

    The only one I would attempt to run again is bb hb # 2 ..I think emerald seeds are decent breeding stock the plants are stable and mostly uniform ..but it needs a "boost" to jump into real genetic category for me to compete with OGs and all that other good stuff

    For example I think if they were to cross the bb HB back to the pre 98 clone they would have a really decent bubba in seed form for cheap ..but the point it's at now is decent but a real bubba nug will shit on bb HB

    calicat Well-Known Member

    Havent grown that one yet but had some from a friend. Its really good funky lemon head traumatizing goodness.

    yung420 Active Member

    True that.

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