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Emerald Triangle 5 strain FEM grow

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by Wicked1, Jun 19, 2013.


    Wicked1 Member

    The Story:
    Ok. So my girlfriend was trying to surprise me for Fathers Day by ordering everything I had on my wishlist at a seed vendors site. So in the wishlist, I only used it as a bookmark type of thing for strains I looked at.
    With that being said, most of the order made was single FEM seeds from pick n mix...it is not her fault about the mistake on the order......it is not the seed vendors fault...an accident occurred and I am making the best of it.[​IMG].....the wishlist was no order list as I said, just a reference FOR ME of what I looked at. I contacted the seed vendor, but the seed bank was unwilling to change or cancel the order. I could have cancelled the order on her credit card, but I did not. They said I could SEND the order back but after the refusal to change the order etc... I just did not feel like doing business with them again. So, it was just like $380.00 USD so I let it ride and kept them when they arrived. To risk sending them back to receive again???I just kept the package... Next time, if there EVER is a next time, I know where to buy seeds if I want to. FORTUNATELY, I am now hopefully in a position that I will never ever need to buy seeds again. (More of that news to come at a later time and will be announced with my new grow threads that will be started in the very near future.)

    OK enough background on how we got here.
    On to the details:
    I am growing 5 different single FEM seeds from Emerald Triangle. I am growing 1 GrapeFruitKrush, 1 BlueBerryHeadBand, 1 CaliforniaWildFire, 1 LostCoastOG, 1 RoyalPurpleKush.....They were dropped in a cup of water the night of 6/18/13-12:00A.M.
    They will soon be sprouting a tail and planted in starter containers filled with ProMix BX w/Mychorrozai....I use the KISS method for ferts modified my own way.
    I use GH MaxiGro, MaxiBloom, KoolBloom both liquid and powdered, FF OpenSesame, BeastyBloomz,ChaChing.

    So when they get above soil I will start with more pics then.
    I hope this gets entertaining quick!
    My objectives for this grow?
    They are:
    1) to prove whether ET has good genetics.
    2) to determine if ET really does have herm issues w/FEMS
    3) Document their growth rates etc..veg and flower
    4) Make note/pics of all phenos or variations
    So! Now that I have them, I might as well test them out in a manner that benefits others as well.
    I have a solid operation. In my flower rooms there are
    no light leaks.
    I have two completely sealed rooms. They both have a passive filtered influent and carbon filtered affluents.
    Both rooms are really dialed in with operational temps around 70-75-80* max lights on with night times @ 65*
    I have NO a/c, and NO co2.
    I am about simplicity. If I do not need it then I do not use it.



    PS....I am going to save the next two response spaces for PICTURES! I saw this previously and thought it was a good touch to the thread so you can see pics up front through the whole grow as it goes.

    Wicked1 Member

    ******Holding this for future pics******

    Wicked1 Member

    ******Holding this for future pics******

    jojodancer10 Well-Known Member

    Don't sleep on that breed boss. I have emeril super sour D and all I can say is WOW

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