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Elephant Bud by BC seeds?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Purplecheeser, Dec 9, 2008.


    Purplecheeser Well-Known Member


    malester Well-Known Member

    I will be getting some shortly, gonna chip in with a few people. expensive as hell but only need 1 female. Bud is suppose to get u very very high and very high yield. Im very excited to get these. The price is 495? I was told can get 5 seeds for $90 will reply back if I can get more info at a lower price than whats listed on the site above

    SayWord Well-Known Member

    wow that description sold me but fuck dude 500 bucks is a fuck ton of moula for ten seeds.

    willymarijuana Well-Known Member

    yea in the same website EUPHORIA EXPRESS FEMALE its 1400 bucks for 10 seeds there crazy
  5. how did you go with the elephant bud
  6. this is bullshit if you look at all there strains are over rated there white widow has 30% why doesn't any body else have strains that come close to 30 % i smell rip off
    Papi Chingon

    Papi Chingon Well-Known Member

    that website has horrible reviews as far as delivery times (if you even get your seeds). i'd do a search on this site prior to ordering anything from that seedbank (i did and decided to never order from them). besides all that, are you kidding me on $500 for a few seeds? come on, nobody can be that stupid! think it over again, and if you do decide to purchase....you're a moron.

    bigmikke Member

    From what I see its been 25 days in blooming and it looks like I wasted 500 hard earned dollars hope things change but not holding my breath

    Cyproz Well-Known Member

    are you retarded, no offense, im being serious. you actually think this is legit? its a bullshit strain on a bullshit site for a bullshit price. Use your brain that whole site is bullshit. they have like 20 strains with 30+ % thc content. odd since every legit site doesnt have anything over 24%.

    if u have 500 bucks to lose send it to me and ill send u 50 seeds of alot of way better bud.

    DrZ Well-Known Member

    I have ordered from BC seeds for 10 years never had a bad experience i have had elphant and upstate and now have a garden of Euphoria Unlimited i have a grow journal on it its by far the fastest plant of them all elphant had real good best smoke i have had it all depends on you the grower what you get out of them here is my current pics of Euphoria Unlimited in just 16 days of flower http://www.rollitup.org/introduce-yourself/224489-im-drz.html here is my thread to see my currant pics and here is them in a bigger pic http://www.rollitup.org/members/drz-albums-first-euphoria-unlimited-grown-16-days-flower.html

    Cyproz Well-Known Member

    how much do u get paid to lie on websites like this? real good best smoke? GTFO of here.

    jberry Well-Known Member

    16 days huh?
    Idk bout that.

    Looks nice tho, where ever the pics came from

    Cyproz Well-Known Member

    those look like shit, no visible trichs anywhere, shit picture quality too. hes just some promoted for the scam site of the century. i remember a month ago i went on it for fun and it was "closed for the summer" really a company closes for the summer, seems like a loss of profits. Also every picture on there is photshopped in some way.

    plus the plants are shit looking for professional breeders the plants should look way healthier then they do.

    talk about the claw, and half of those leaves look like they are about to turn brown and die.

    jberry Well-Known Member


    I dont really care about camera quality and all that, i was just saying that if they really just got switched to a 12/12 photoperiod 16 days ago then they are lookin good.

    Usually you dont start looking for massive trich production in a plant that has only been in bloom for 16 days... Most strains are just starting to form clusters of hairs at that point.

    The pic you posted of upstate does indeed look like its having some issues, but i was talking about the pics in the link he had...
    I never even wasted my time looking at the bc website, im sure it is a scam, dont really care.

    Cyproz Well-Known Member

    yea, no i was talking to the bimbo supporting the site saying hes been doing buisness with them for 10 years and blah blah.

    KaotnyKush Active Member


    Better quality pic of entire plants that have fully matured would be great!
    Would allow viewers to better asses these huge yielding plants with upwards of 30% THC......

    U are the first person i've heard say they have grown any of these strains(ELEPHANT, UPHORIA, etc)...Most just say they're "thinking about it"

    Weather U R fibbing or not I truely dont know...but your evidence does not support your claims.....1ONE1


    dgk4life Well-Known Member

    bullshit site? really what leads u to this conclussion please inform us of your bullshit experience wit this seed bank.. as for me i use them i have always used them and will continue to do so. my experience which really happened is all but bullshit.. its a gr8 site that always exceeds expectations do some research and come wit some facts before u pop off at the mouth bro.. good luck on your grow

    KaotnyKush Active Member

    Just checked the site....INDICA 50....50% THC....Id have to grow it to believe it.......

    DGK you write like an inteligent and honest person and your # of posts lead me to believe that U R not here to missinform...

    May I ask what strain(s) have you grown from BCseeds? Have they lived up to their descriptions in both growth & smoke? ( namely any of the 30+% THC strains)

    Do U have any good quality pics U can post of Ur plants?

    By no means am I calling U a liar or mocking U, but none of my friends nor I have ever ordered or grown any of their seeds...Your input would provide some FACTS about a company who I've never dealt with, yet I dought their claims...Also the LITTLE amount of research I have done mostly produces nay sayers and scheptics such as myself..

    Have they entered any WEED Cups? Are there any articles that feature their products?
    I ask because I seek the truth and not oppinions....... 1ONE1.....


    dgk4life Well-Known Member

    as far as my grows and pics u can check my sigs. my first grow journal is detailed and full of pics the next two not so much. as far as strains go i have grown their chronic and ice strains. i have two very healthy mothers one of each strain that i clone from. i am currently sexing another two strains from them and they r the chemo and white demon strain. i have also ordered other strains such as thumper and love buzz bud for my grow partner. all results of the flowered and harvested products are amazing . easily make 6,000 a lb. idk if bcseeds.com has ever been to any cannabis cups or not but they make it a very valid point to stated that THEY R NOT BC BUD DEPOT which i guess has a reputation for rip offs. from the moment u place your order to the time it arrives they r in email contact wit u .. idk what the other guys beef was but once they get back from the summer vacation i would recommend everyone check out their site.. they do have a lot of gr8 strains that do not cost five hundred dollars check out my grows and hit me up thanks and good luck wit your grow

    bonghits4all New Member

    im so fucking sick of loser haters like you....you really shouldnt be a member of this site.lets see if i can do anything about it..

    the company is legit.
    the costumer service is not so good.
    the weed speaks for itself.

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