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Electricity Meter bypassed in our new flat

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by Suka, Feb 11, 2010.


    Suka Member

    Hey guys, just need some advise here's the deal.

    We moved into a flat and found a hidden pantry in the kitchen (there is a shelving unit covering the entrance) inside there is a fully set up grow room, vents, and railings for 2 lights. I called up the previouse tennant and asked him about it because its PERFECT.

    He said he was staying there for 3 years and never had a problem growing. (its really well hidden) at the end of the convo i asked how much he paid in electricity, and he said he never paid a cent! he bypassed the prepaid meter !!

    im just worried if i start my grow and dont pay for the light usage, who dose? the owner of the building? its a really old building and the owner is a really old guy. so if he is paying for it he never noticed the difference..

    What do you guys think? :roll: i meen i dont have a choice to reconnect it cause its done!! and as i say 3 years of growing without a problem... :roll::roll:

    G13 Active Member

    i tell you what. it's a tough call. normally, noone advises to bypass electricity meter. why? because most of "e-stealers" get caught for the exact same reason - they steal electricity and on most systems used by e-distributors it's pretty easy to find out about electricity leaks and where do they come from. if you (somehow) manage to keep your grow small, with low wattage lights (dunno, 250w maybe) u can continiue. BUT, as I said:

    first time someone will notice that electricity bill is bigger than was supposed to be, or god forbid, e-distributor of yours finds out about electricity leaks you will be busted in a split second.

    i grow with next principles: dont tell anyone, pay your bills, kill the smell, lower your noises and never, NEVER fuck with the e-distributors. you shuld do that too.
    tip top toker

    tip top toker Well-Known Member

    is it just the grow room that is bypassing the meter, or the whole flat?

    it's a tough situation but i wouldn't want to be growing while stealing power.

    connorbrown Well-Known Member

    This thing sounds pretty cool. Post some pics.
    I'm confused though. You moved into a house that has a grow room built in?

    sambo020482 Well-Known Member

    tough one m8, personally tho i wouldnt but thats me, id rather take down ne growing equipment sort the electric out properly then start growing, ya m8 might have got away with it for 3years but whos to say that you will get away with it???

    i can understand stealing power for a 1000plant grow or factorys etc but small grows its just not worth the risk plus if you did get caught they will charge you with stealing the electric also.

    rollingrock Active Member

    in the uk its the number one reason people get caught then loose lips is the second, dont do it, just pay for your electrick and dont tell anyone ever wot your doing and how could you get caught, unless your growing in the loft and the spy in the sky see the heat spots

    TokinJew Member

    bro thats freakin awesome! i have never heard of ppl moving into places with already made rooms. if i had spent the time to make the room and bypass the meter i would never move out just buy another house with the dirty money.

    isthislegal Well-Known Member

    Look at it like this....he said he used it for 3 years, no problems. Seems to me that he (previous tenant) felt like the place was burned out. Who even knows why he moved out, but whatever the case is. I'm rambling because i just smoked some bullshit kush thats given me a lil buzz...(cant wait till i grow my own) Anywho...since you just moved there, I'd start off immediately using a lot of power, and i'd have someone come back out and fix the bypassed wire. (not power company). So basically if you just run a bunch of electronics or whatever it takes to get your bill high, you may as well start now. You just moved there, so when you get the power switched in your name, you have started the account with a known high usage rate...therefore during the whole time you are living there, you will always generate a higher than norm electricity bill and it wont look suspicious.

    CLOSETGROWTH Well-Known Member

    True that... Thats exactly what I did :)

    isthislegal Well-Known Member

    Cool man, thats a sweet ass setup to have. I wish I had enough money, or the know how to build a secret room....thats the shit man. I'm not sure if I read it here or on another forum, but some guy had a secret grow room in his house and his wife n' kids had no clue about it. Truly amazing. When you get a chance man, you should post some pics of the room and your setup if you dont mind. I'm sure alot of people would like to see how thats setup, I sure would. Peace

    Malenki Well-Known Member

    I would say that not paying only makes you a Malenki suka not a bolshoi suka:lol:

    drumbum3218 Well-Known Member

    I just watched the news a few weeks ago and an expenisve house somewhere in a rich cali suburb got busted solely because they were stealling $4000 worth of electricity each month from bypassing the meter. It took a while for it to get noticed and sent down the river/chain, but if it werent for bypassing the meter, the people would still probly be growing instead of in jail. It was in a rich neighborhood, no one lived there, and had thousands of watts and tens of lights. Every room had plants. The neighbors interviewed were so suprised cuz they thought they had the perfect neighbors/never problems. I would say don't grow if its illegal where you live, but definitely don't steal electrcity, not only illegal also, but not able to hide stealing electricity. Red flag like no other, unless you're shouting from your roof top that you are cultivating pot and stealing elec. illegally. If you are gonna break the law, reroute (paid) electricity to the room. Seems like people on this forum succesfully grow indoors illegally.
    That 5hit

    That 5hit Well-Known Member

    1 i dont trust you whole story lot of missing info
    but non the less it is not smart to steal so you say this guy gat away with it for 3 years - how do you know there not on there ways to that house right now - if i would have found that room i would have been way to noid to grow in it for at least a year just to be safe - i'm no pro but i'm 100% sure all the pro's would tell you never steal anything related to your grow
    it bring bad vibes to the grow- me, im way to noid of i guy, i'm the type of dude that while coming home from work i always look up to see if there is smoke comeing form my block, and i get very scared every time my phone rings while im at work and before i answer i say a little please dont be office related (what i call me growroom, that noone is allowed in ever. trust me when i tell you that i take no chances with my freedom. the wife dont even no what goes on in my office)
    but you do what helps you sleeps

    mr.smileyface Well-Known Member

    The power company wont investigate that because its so small. They probly though they just lost that in wiring.... They only know its tap if your running power. You might never get caught or later they will investigate the loses. If you ran 12 that would be good. kinda small for a tap

    renyman Active Member

    Dont steal 1k watts worth of power dude- not worth it. I cant believe no one else has mentioned this yet but your biggest concern now is the fact that the previous owner knows youll be growing and is probably going to rob you or worse rat you out. Have you changed the locks? If youre in a country were plants= jail time then you should probably reconsider setting up shop at that flat.

    oldguybreath New Member

    I was wonderin' where all dat lectricity was goin... dang, my flat rents are all I have to live on.... now maybe a cut of your crop n i'll look the other way:-P
    tip top toker

    tip top toker Well-Known Member


    i think you're just a little bit paranoid now. this previous tennant would have one chance to rob him, just one, and you think he'd just happen to work out when the plants were good to be piked? i think not.

    renyman Active Member

    Ill agree, i am paranoid about this shit, but the reason drug dealers get robbed so much is because theyre drug dealers. They cant call the cops and report their dope was stolen! [911 what is your emergency. Yes, there has been a break in at my home and they stole all my grow equipment, not to mention about 4 oz.] Any smart theif know this.

    eclecticspider Member

    Most of us believe weed should be legal. Stealing should not be. Run an extension cord with known power to the room. Why sacrifice integrity because some one else did.

    Good luck though
    UK FTW

    UK FTW Member

    Dude you realy have had yourself a touch, the only way you can get cuaght bypassing the electricity meter is if the electricity board come round and see there is a wire coming off the main power wire into your house before it runs through the electricity meter. If you know were it is go and have a look there should b a big fat black cable running into the meter whith isa box with a spinning disk with numbers on it. if you wire a cable into the big black cable before th ebox you dont pay its all good and if he hasnt been cuagh tin 3 years your probably fine m8. good luck with your grow

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