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Electric Bill???

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by pppfemguy, Apr 20, 2008.


    pppfemguy Well-Known Member

    i was wondering if anyone knows how much my 1000 watt ballast light will raise my electric bill???

    Frostedrolls Active Member

    a 1000watt bulb uses 1 kWh of power. So if you pay lets say 5.8 cents for a kWh, That would be 1.40 a day.

    Wattage of Bulbs*Hours On/1000=kWh

    STANDOX Well-Known Member

    not to much i couldnt say exactly it depends on you rate for kwh but i am running almost double with a 200 a month bill i have wash dryer and all other apliances as well sorry i couldnt be more helpfull but if this is all you plan to run it should hurt to much but if you arent the one paying the bill be carefull because even small increases are noticed by most frugal bill payees

    pppfemguy Well-Known Member

    oh ok yea i pay my own electric bill i juss wana know so them DEA agents stay faaaaaar away from me
    Manny Ramirez

    Manny Ramirez Well-Known Member

    Funny you should ask......I just got my electric bill.....

    I run my 1000 watt hps for 12-12 flowering.....

    My bill went up $90

    muyoso Well-Known Member

    You pay .25 cents a kilowatt hour? You are getting raped anally. I pay 6 cents per kilowatt hour.

    jimmyspaz Well-Known Member

    2 1000 ,1 400 ,5 fans ,dehumidifier, and A/C put my bill up $100 per month. It depends on your rate per kilowatt hour. 1 1000 is about the same as an,average persons usage so won't be detectable to LEO types. Just pay the bill on time and in full , you'll be fine.

    abudsmoker Well-Known Member

    seems a little high for one 1k

    Also keep in mind a 1000 watt uses about 1140 watts actual

    abudsmoker Well-Known Member

    We have a good rate and summer prices are 11-14 per kwh

    6 cents is our cost winter before fuel surcharges, most companies are increasing the rates to recover these higher operating costs

    pppfemguy Well-Known Member

    yea i will have about 4 fans going to but i always have fans running period and A/C but my electric compant is use to seeing that so hopefully like u said they wont notice a huge jump in the bill thanks dude

    Celestial Well-Known Member

    Depending on what other electrical appliances you're using inside your house, you can try to cut down on those to offset the costs of running your growing. Changing all your normal lightbulbs to energy saving ones is a good start. Also consider putting appliances into standby mode or powering them off/unplugging them altogether when you're not using them and if you are re-charging things like ipod or cellphone, unplug the charger once appliance is fully charged.. If your heating and hot water relies on electricity rather than gas you can either lower the temperature of your thermostat by a few degrees or put it on a timer which will heat the water for the times you need it (eg first thing in the morning to have a shower) and turn it off during times it's not needed. If you have a dishwasher or washing machine consider running that at a lower temperature (some detergents are specially designed to clean well at low temperatures) and dry your washing on a line or clothes rack rather than running a dryer. If you are using any kind of electric heating this costs a lot to run so try and minimise its use. Make sure your fridge and freezer are running efficiently by defrosting and not having a lot of empty space inside - filling up gaps with something like a loaf of bread can contribute a lot to energy efficiency.

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