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effects of cutting off a few fan leaves late in flowering

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by cookin, Apr 12, 2008.


    cookin New Member

    I have about a week left until harvest and was wondering how cutting off a few fan leaves would affect things. I have two plants that need to be put quite close together because of space issues so in the middle its like a jungle, which i would think doesn't allow for good airflow. would it be worth it to cut a few from the middle to thin things out a bit?

    Also what would the effect be on the flushing process? One is further along than the other (is yellower), if i were to chop the leaves from the greener one which needs more flushing would this speed it up? My reasoning goes that the plant will be using nutes from inside itself so cutting off some leaves is essentially getting rid of some nutes. But i also understand that it could shock the plant and slow things down. What does everyone think, would it speed up the flushing process or is that just a silly idea?

    Hank Well-Known Member



    refeermadness Well-Known Member

    i've read somewhere.... that flushing is bad and instead should just cut back from begining and ween off to none for limited shock on the plant. but new to the grow myself and just reading no experience.....

    cookin New Member

    yeah next time i might try gradually decreasing down to only water for the last two weeks, but its too late for this time. Anyone else have any thought about cutting the fan leaves?

    cookin New Member


    grossgumshoe Active Member

    i heard that you don't want to do any pruning after abouth the second week of flowering... i guess it will shock the plant some and keep your buds from getting as dense as they could. you could try zipties to hold the big leaves down, or otherwise bind them somehow (just a thought)

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