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Edible from Hash?

Discussion in 'Cooking With Cannabis' started by johnday, Jan 21, 2009.


    johnday Active Member

    so I have a gram of hash and wanted to know if its possible to cook with it or make an edible using it? how would I go about doing it, because I know that if its not heated then it wont get me high right?

    P.S I just read in another post that "In order to make sure the THC is orally active, it has to be heated to a good 200 F. " so if I was to mix the hash with butter and heat it at 200F then I could just put the butter on anything i take it?
    one last thing, could a microwave be used for heating instead of oven? or heated water? thanks

    So ive done some more research and it seems the easiest is to put some hash in with some peanut butter and stick it between two crackers and microwave/oven it. can i do it with a microwave? if so how long?

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