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Ecosmart CFL's

Discussion in 'CFL / Fluorescent Lighting' started by growone, Jul 31, 2011.


    growone Well-Known Member

    i thought i had posted a thread on this brand, but search doesn't show it
    either way, any feedback would be nice
    i've had good luck with Home Depot's NVision, i think the Ecosmart is the 'new' version
    i see the specs for the 23w 2700k bulbs weigh in at 1700 lumens(initial of course)
    and that is a sweet 73.9 lumens per watt, which is a notch up from original survey of 2 years ago which was around 67 lumens per watt

    BENG! Member

    Hey man, I've got a grow now which is 100% CFL's. I have a Few Daylight 100W (Equivalent) and the Red Package 3500K 100W (Equivalent). Plants love life in there with the mix of the two. I wonder how the folks at Home Depot feel though when I ''KEEP" on going in there for new lights. Haha, but they've never gave me too much problem.

    infowarrior420 Active Member

    I got the ecosmart cfls, so far so good, but im not really one to say

    jtrimbl3 Active Member

    stay away from GE ans sylvania

    growone Well-Known Member

    i've had good luck with GE's, i looked at sylvania's a ways back, i think sylvania doesn't recommend certain cfl positions such as upside down

    fireproof Active Member

    Last strain I had loved the 5000K 23 watt Ecosmarts early in life.

    growone Well-Known Member

    when i posted this, i figured my nvision 5000k would be pretty much used up
    been using them 3 years
    but my vegs still look great! just as thick as they were in the 1st veg
    until i can see a difference, i'll probably keep using them

    billybob420 Well-Known Member

    Stay away from GE? Where did you hear that? I prefer GE over most brands.

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