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Ebb & Flo for small areas

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by TechnoMage, Dec 31, 2012.


    TechnoMage Well-Known Member

    I'm going to be traveling more and have been thinking of moving to a Ebb & Flow system. All the kits out there seem to be for a much larger size (6-12 buckets) than I have. My tent is 2x4 and I usually only grow 2-4 plants at a time. Are there smaller linked-bucket systems out there?

    tallen Active Member

    You could build your own or just get a 2 x 4 flood table and your in business.

    Curiosity2 Active Member

    Like tallen said build your own or cut back on the pots used with the bigger system, build your own and save cash. You’re traveling so a larger reservoir is not a bad thing. Plants drink a lot of water plus it evaporates (1 to 2 gal a day or more late in the grow with 4 big plants) so extra gals of water is not a bad thing.

    Picture your grow for a minute, you just mixed up a batch of nutrients and planing on going away fora couple of days. Your PPMs are 1000 they drink 2 gals of water that day. Next day the PPMs are over a 1000 because the water evaporates and leaves the nutrients behind. Plants don’t uptake enough nutes to keep PPMs at 1000 with less water in the res so it rises. 2 gals gone the next day and another PPM rise, so on and so on, first thing you have nuked your plants.

    Don’t let me discourage you, there are way around this, I just wanted to let you know it’s not “set and forget” but it can be easily done if you have half a brain and a little cash. If you want to know more just ask.

    TechnoMage Well-Known Member

    Yeah, monitoring the reservoir is one thing I'm concerned about. I'm also thinking about setting up a drip system for soil grows. When I water I tend to water multiple time in smaller amounts over a couple hours to give the water a chance to absorb in the soil and I think I can set something up like that for the soil.

    ringlead3r Active Member

    just use a larger res and your g2g

    Curiosity2 Active Member

    There are many diff DIY controllers to pick from, this is not the ONLY one but it’s a good place to start. You will need one of these for the main res with nutes and also this one for the second res of pure PH adjusted water, problem solved. Now you main res is always full with a decline in PPMs which is fine and with large enough res and backup res you could stay away for quite sometime before needing to attend to your grow.

    Curiosity2 Active Member

    I don’t know anything about a drip system but what I do know, when growing in soil you feed then straight water for the next couple of times or so, thus making you feed by hand then straight water on the drip. Soil should be allowed to dry out and not stay wet to help stop algae growth and other bad things from happening. Maybe have a look at this and I’m still not sure this would allow you to go away for very long. What I posted above would be my first choice 10 times over, hydroponic buds and automatic watering system, can't beat that for around $3 to $4 hundred dollars when setup and running.
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    budsMI Well-Known Member

    I run 8 5 gallon buckets off a 55 gallon rez.. Dyna grow nutes Lucas formula.. I'm able to leave for weeks at a time for work... I do have someone come check on them once a week but have never needed to do anything... If you can keep a Rez outside tent that's how I'd roll... From the rez you can run a drip line. or flood and drain.... lots of options.. Keep a bubbler in Rez also..

    Here look at this for an idea.. just use smaller buckets. http://michiganmedicalmarijuana.org/index.php?showtopic=35773

    PetFlora Well-Known Member

    I have been developing a hybrid system. It combines Air Pots + Lava Rock + low mist heads + 1" pvc. PVC is connected to a low pressure pump that is inside the rez. Low mist pressure heads are connected to the arms of the pvc and strategically positioned to lightly/gently spray from the top.

    This requires very little nute per feed. The lava rock holds some in reserve between feedings.

    It is super efficient. Lava rock is very pH stable, at least when using hydroponic-research VEG+BLOOM nutes

    Check my completed thread here for first gen version. 2nd gen is over on IC with lots of pics. RIU having image posting issues right now.

    chrisd0301 Member

    run a flood and drain table with a big res and u have nothing to worry about... on multiple occasions I have done a nute change one day, checked the ph the next day and gone on vacation for 4-6 days with absolutely no issue. Im running a 40gal res. and its set up to flood 3x daily not saying that there isnt a possibility of issues if u dont know what you r doing, but i have done it at least a dozen times and never worried about it. the only issue i had was the ph being .2-.5 lower than i like it when i get back, and that was never a problem. on 6-8 day trips i had my girl add a little ph up and it was fine ( she has absolutely no clue what shes doing, and didnt have an issue)

    TechnoMage Well-Known Member

    One thing I do worry about is the water. We're on our own well which is fine for soil growing. PH is 7.4 out of the tap but we do have a lot of minerals in our water, mainly Iron. With soil grows I basically just toss my nutes in the water and I'm good. Would I need to switch to RO water?

    Curiosity2 Active Member

    You need to test your water to know for sure, over 200ppm is bad. Get a TDS Meter or use nutes designed for hard water. Collect rain water, it's perfect PH and almost 0 PPMs on TDS meter. lol

    waterdawg Well-Known Member

    My base water is 200-300 and I have a few issues but nothing serious. Once I got it dialed in no worries. My res is 100 liters and it is stable for a week then I change water but I have let it go for 10 days with no issues. I built my own system for under $200 pumps incl. photo.JPG If you wanted a 2 plant system use smaller totes but not to small that its hard to keep things stable IMO.

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