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ebb and flow feeding question

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by bdt1981, Dec 29, 2012.


    bdt1981 Well-Known Member

    we been doing ebb and flow and my partner has a thing with timers because ill leave everything on one but when i come back they arent on them anymore. Its really annoying. So i was wondering if irregular feeding is bad? Im sure most the time they are fed plenty of times thru the day but its going to be all over the place as far as when and how long. The last grow he top water fed the plants up til flush then put on bottom feed.
    Anyone know if this can be bad and why? Im only interested in facts with this so not what someone may think. Dont mean to be rude just some people say some crazy stuff on here. Thanks guys.

    ilikecheetoes Well-Known Member

    What facts do you want? A fucking research paper?

    Mithrandir420 Well-Known Member

    The first thing you need to do is get rid of your partner.

    stormp Member

    what medium are you using?
    in the woods

    in the woods Member

    90% of the time growing with a partner does not work. your gonna butt heads about theorys and designs all the time, and most of the time you'll get fucked over.

    dadio161 Well-Known Member

    If it facts you want .... ask your questions to Google.
    This isn't rocket science.

    Chiceh Global Mod, Stoner Chic Staff Member

    Fact...use a timer to ensure a proper feeding schedule. You need to be aware of how much and when they are being fed. How hard is it to use a timer?

    mountainboy Active Member

    (Fact) : Your friends a dick. Why wouldnt he want to keep it automated with a timer. Tell him to hes going to either over or underwater. Must be one of these guys that always wants to baby sit the garden, ends up killing them with kindness cause he cant leave them alone. Get rid of your "friend" if possible. Watch how you do it, a pissed off "friend" will turn you in quick as shit.

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