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Ebb and Flo question

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by thccrow, Dec 31, 2012.


    thccrow Active Member

    I am about to move my rock wool cubes into 5 gallon fabric pots with hydroton, I made the fill line 1 inch from bottom of the rock wool, until the roots expand out of the rock wool do I just keep hand watering ? I assume so but just checking.
    match box

    match box Well-Known Member

    If there is water going into the pots the rock wool should take up the water. Check the water level when the pots are full to see where the water level is. The rock wool will hold water better than the hydroton so you may get some mold on the rock wool.

    thccrow Active Member

    I made the water come 1 in from the rock wool, so you are saying moisture will travel from wet to dry hydroton to the rock wool ?

    ringlead3r Active Member

    it might just watch you plant for a day or 2 to see if it droops at all if it does hand water it. I'd suggest not to water the rockwool either but right around it

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