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Eating your bong/pipe resin??

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by smoke two joints, May 20, 2008.

    smoke two joints

    smoke two joints Well-Known Member

    a thought has just occured to me, would it be possible to eat your bong or pipe resin and get high, because the thc in the skunk would have already been activated?

    ps. im sure it would taste horrible. :bigjoint:

    jimmyspaz Well-Known Member

    It will probably make you ill. It's mostly tar , most of the THC will have been vaporized by the heat, I wouldn't do it myself.
    smoke two joints

    smoke two joints Well-Known Member

    ah, thanks, i just thought that because you can smoke it and it gets you high there mut be thc reminance still there.

    much appreciated. peace SMT.

    jimmyspaz Well-Known Member

    Methinks the tar would make you ill, but you can smoke it to get the residual THC if you want, I must admit I don't know anybody whoever tried eating it, want to experiment??
    smoke two joints

    smoke two joints Well-Known Member

    i might do one day, not too keen on the idea at this point in time :P

    Pookiedough Well-Known Member

    Anyone who has ever accidentally stuck their finger in their mouth after a scrape just shuddered.:bigjoint:

    jimmyspaz Well-Known Member

    Don't blame you,LOL.

    StaySafe420 Well-Known Member

    Sure did:spew:

    MJAspie Active Member

    I usually use the bong buildup by match sticking residue on rizla's and making a j from that, i let it build up about 4 times a year. Harder to roll, but beneficial to smoke (usually as a special last one). I guess you could add it to marmite for a taste improvement :)

    Theeassassin Well-Known Member

    me and mates all put resin into tea it was fucking vile, but we got high not alot though just chilled out, not worth it,
    Rob Everyman

    Rob Everyman Member

    Heres what I do: I boil my resin and even my pipes for 10-15 minutes in water and butter until it smells like straight nasty. then I take a package of ramen and add it with out the seasons. Cook it until the noodles are saturated then consume it all including the water. I did this initially as an experiment and ate it on an empty stomach and didnt smoke anything so I would be able to definitively tell what effects, if any I would experience. Initially I thought it didnt work but I found an hour or so later I was SMASHED. So much so that I couldn't even socialize. I look forward to cleaning my pipes now more than ever
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    ViLN Member

    shit man thats nasty the crazy things weed makes you do

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