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Eating weed raw??

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by kokorunsmajor, Feb 22, 2008.


    kokorunsmajor New Member

    My friend wants to eat his 3 grams just raw like put them in a cup fill it with water and just eat it..Will he get high? Im telling him hes stupid but he insist on trying...is he going to get high?

    anywhere311 Well-Known Member

    some say u can.. some say u cant... who knows...:roll:

    Philly_Buddah New Member

    I told this story before. Yeah u can get high on raw weed. Some ppl on here were telling me that it wasnt possible or sumthin like the THC doesnt activate or sumthin like that. All I know is that I have been real high from just eating raw weed, I dont know how it happened but it did. I had no idea if u could get high either, and I definitely didnt expect it to be so intense. Ill tell the story again:

    It was a few years ago when I was in high school. By this time I had already been smokin for a year. I had some good kush/hydro, but I didnt have time to roll it up, so I ate around a 1/16th at around 7:30, on a empty stomach with just a little water. I got to high school expecting to just feel a little buzz and I did at 1st. At about 8:10 I was in class and I had no idea what was going on. I had a full body high and the shit was intense. I started feeling like I was in a real dream or sumthin and it was good at 1st, but it kept getting more intense. I got a slip to go to the office, and I thought they caught me and I got paranoid. When I got to the office it was a warning about skipping class before, and I didnt get in any trouble. I got to the locker room for gym late and I was by myself, I looked at myself in the mirror and my eyes were all low and blood red, I couldnt believe this was from eating raw weed. I was high for probably 4 or 5 hours and I felt weird for 2 days strait. That was a really interesting day lol.

    fizzx Well-Known Member

    I dont know if its fact but what I've heard from other people is that unless you have a vaporizor or something you cant get high off of eating weed because it has to reach a certain temperature or some shit...but hey maybe it works for some

    Lizard.King Well-Known Member

    Your friend eh:roll:

    Uh eating weed raw will get you high anyone who disagrees can fuck off and if your worried well your friend is worried about it just make some brownies I put half an oz in a sexy pot of brownies lets just say the next day well read on good story
    Oh and dude your body high...so fucking amazing am I right!? After 20 min of the raping I recived from this weed I was watching tv in the living room at my buds house where his mom was watching tv in the other room so I was focusing all my energy to look at the tv but I blocked out the sound of their voices and listened to the other tv and I didnt realize it for so long I was thinking what the fuck when did wrestling have Al Bundy in it hahaha Then I stood up and I knew I was fucking gone everything went all acidy shit just went nuts stuff was spinning and fucking around so I'm sitting down I can't handle this shit then for no reason I start thinking about puking then I think fuck I'm going to puke couple min later I was going down on the toilet I get home and I'm sooooo fucked up I can't walk straight at all my eyes are redder then the sun and as soon as I hit that bed I was out fuckin alarm rings at 8 and I open my eyes thinking dear god I'm still fucked up I get on the bus and sit down in class and 3 kids come to me an say dude how much have you smoked you look so fucking baked then my teacher pulls me out because Im munching down on a sandwich in a class where theres no food allowed and I'm totally stonerized as I eat you know that far out look you get when you eat an zone out? Probaly not but whatever so the teacher pulls me out of class and says "Lizard King did you smoke weed today" I looked at him and said man I ate some brownies last night I really shouldnt be here so he gave me a ride home and I didnt wake up for 22 hours it was fucking euphoria and looka that all this writing no fuckin periods capitals where I please spelling mistakes I can fix with the right click of a button but why bother when you got a bong sitting right behind you with a bag of weed only an arms reach away why the fuck am I still typing I should be token from my swe -

    thetexican Active Member

    One time when i left jamaica, i still had like 2+ ounces and we had to catch our plane in a few. so I ate a shitload of ground up bud, and ran about an oz thru the coffee maker with coffee a few times. Took the coffee on a plane in a plastic water bottle. (2 yrs ago). all i know is I was FUCT up. the Cessna flight to Montego bay was a trip, and the flight back to the states was surreal.

    Long story short, roll up the 3 grams in a blunt.

    thc4me420 Well-Known Member

    ya i agree
    fuck eating raw weed
    if you eat 3 g youll get as high as if you smoked 0.3 g
    voodoo child

    voodoo child New Member

    why eat it raw ? when you can make a delicious brownie, or a milkshake that will always make you really high

    henrymuska Well-Known Member

    if your gonna eat it raw at least put ranch on it

    Pizip Well-Known Member

    Why risk it?

    Lizard.King Well-Known Member

    There's no risk except the fact your going to be fucked out of your mind. My only problem with eating weed raw is I'm not a fan of the overpowering weed taste. It's like hella powerful green tea with a kick.

    crazedtimmy Well-Known Member

    sounds like salvia, that shit has to reach a certain temp for the chem to come out

    crazedtimmy Well-Known Member

    me and my friend done it before and we had a crazy ass trip it does work but you have to uses more, its def cool but bleezys are better

    anywhere311 Well-Known Member

    cudnt u get like ground up powder bud and put it in a ice cream shake and drink it and ud get fuked up?

    crazedtimmy Well-Known Member

    i think you can but you have to use more...??

    natmoon Well-Known Member

    I would love to see him eat 3 grams of dried weed lmfao.
    I doubt he will manage it.
    You need to chew it up really good before you swallow it or it wont work very well:blsmoke:

    Lizard.King Well-Known Member

    You do not need to get pot to a certain temperatures you can eat it raw and get high I have just eaten a gram of weed with a couple cookies I am fuckin high as shit right now

    Pizip Well-Known Member

    I could eat it raw. I drink green tea raw. In fact i think i did eat some weed the other day. I was playing around and stuck it in my mouth like chewing tobacco and accidently swallowed it when i walked into Wal-mart. lol for a sec i thought it really was tobacco.

    Philly_Buddah New Member

    Like I said I ate around a 16th raw and I was in fuckin dreamland man. I have no idea how I did it though becuz other times I have eaten weed raw and hardly got high at all. It might have to do with the fact that it was on a empty stomach and I chewed it up really good before I swallowed it. It was also some pretty potent weed, but anyways I was completely gone man, really intense full body high and my eyes were blood red.

    If u are gonna eat it raw my advice is do it on a empty stomach, chew it up good, and eat all of it. U can drink a little water with it to help it go down better. It would be better if u could heat the weed up before that so u can make sure that the THC is activated. I have heard that weed has other stuff other than THC that will get u high though.

    MyNameIsHead Well-Known Member

    if THC gets into your body THC gets into your system if THC gets into your system THC fuck you up
    its common sense
    you can actually use weed as a suppository if you're so inclined...
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