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Easy soil mix

Discussion in 'Organics' started by yesum, Jan 7, 2013.


    yesum Well-Known Member

    I use ffof but there are other soils and I guess better, but I have had good luck with it. Black Gold organic potting soil is one I have to try soon.

    I add 20% chunky perlite and 1 cup ewc per gallon of soil. I think the ewc is supposed to be about 8%.

    Mix this up and you have a veg soil. I put seedlings in this with no problems. Just add water.

    For flower I add 2 tbsp Rainbow Bloom Mix per gallon of soil as described above and mix it up. Up pot into the flower mix and then just water to finish.:-P

    The Rainbow Bloom contains bat and bird guano, steamed bone meal, sea kelp, feather meal, neem meal and a few other organic things.

    I used to add dolomite lime but have high ph water so no more. I lower the ph of tap water( over 8 ph) with lemon juice but do not know if it is needed. I had problems with the ph before with different soil mixes and just feel safer doing it this way for now.
    209 Cali closet grower

    209 Cali closet grower Well-Known Member

    Kellogg soil, cut with perlite and peat moss work great for me. I use Earthgro for seeds and veg then use the kellogg. For$5 for a cuft and a half. Earthgro $5 for 2 cuft.
    POH Organics

    POH Organics Member

    When mixing soil, I like to use a 1:1:1 ratio of Peat, Compost (Or EWC, or both) and Aeration. In organics, you're really trying to provide everything from a variety of sources so that the plant can use it at its own discretion, one soil thats ammended with both the Bloom and Grow would be ideal, add some kelp meal for too valuable micronutrients and productive hormones and cytokins. Go a step above and add some alfalfa meal for a good bit of macro and tricontinol. So you might look at something like (For we'll say a 7 gallon pot) 2 Gallons Peat, 2 Gallons EWC, 2 Gallons Aeration, 1 Cup of Dolomite, 1/2 Cup Alfalfa, 1/2 Cup Bloom, 1/2 Cup Grow, 1 Cup Kelp Meal. If you can, grab some rock dust or azomite and add 4 cups per cubic foot (1 cu. ft = 7.5 gallons)

    polyarcturus Well-Known Member

    i use 100% wheat straw.

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