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EASY CHEAP fix for spider mites

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by beartitties, Jan 1, 2009.


    beartitties Active Member

    Hey, i just recently had a big pest problem with spider mites, they had ever developed webs. I heard of an old school hippie fix for outdoor grows. someone told me to use johnson and johnson's baby powder....make sure its that brand too. the talcom and shit in it repels the bugs and will either slow down the production if not kill it right off like it did my plants.. if in dors make sure u give it a good rinse from the buds as it would be naturally rain cleaned wildly.

    if you are skeptical what do you have to loose? you are going to have to scrap your plants anyways...just spread it all over...

    D.Hydr0.DGAF Well-Known Member

    Taken From Dahlias.net --

    "Spider Mites affecting dahlias are typically the "two spotted mite" or the "red spider mite." One indication of the presence of spider mites is seeing them.1/50th of an inch in length, these pests are barely visible as a dot on a contrasting background. Hold a piece of white paper under the leaf and shake or scrape the underside of the leaf to cause the mites to fall on to the paper. If they are present they will appear as very small dots on the paper. If you do not get those small dots, it is likely that your plant does not have spider mites. The drawing of a red spider mite on the right is several hundred times the actual size."


    I didn't know anything about Spider Mites so I Googled it incase someone doesn't know what they are.

    OregonMeds Well-Known Member

    Never heard of this one but good luck...

    Spider mites are the worst plague that can infest a mary jane grow though, and I wouldn't use only one method and would advise you skip all this and go straight to pyrethrum based bug bombs.

    And even those have a hard time getting rid of them. For the most part once you have them you will always have them and have to control them with every method you can.

    I'm still battling them here and it's been a couple months of extreme fighting. I'm now looking at spending over $200 on some systemic commercial miticide but have to really save up for that stuff. (and it's VERY poisonous he won't even sell it to me without some assurance I will get a respirator to use while applying it and bundling myself up to cover every exposed inch of skin.)

    Even still with all that warning, even though I'd prefer to be safe and organic, I'm going to do it. These mites are horrible...

    SayWord Well-Known Member

    shit man i got a ton of mites on my mother plant. im pretty sure shes the only one that has them. im thinkin of checkin out neem oil for it or just puttin the mother in the shower and tryin to wash all the mites off or sumthin

    SenorSanteria Well-Known Member

    Try neem oil.

    Are spider mites less prevalent in the winter? What causes a spider mite infestation if you arent bringing them in from outside? How would they get your grow? Are coldr climates less suceptible?
    Where in the hell am I?

    Where in the hell am I? Well-Known Member

    Fer some damn reason I had spider mites in my grow! I tried 4 spraying of the tobacco tea, and it help SOME, then I used 2 applications of Bug-O and they are gone! My only prob is that my leaves look like crap!

    4four2twenty0 Active Member

    i had a SEVERE mite infestaton, get a spray bottle , drop in a drop or two of normal dish soap, spray under the leaves(dont think mite affect the tops :s ) daily untill they are gone , after you have sprayed with the mixture of dishsoap and water sprsy agan really good with normal water because the soap will clog the plants poors and wont be able to breathe . each mite leays several 100 eggs a day , so mite take a couple days , but stick to it and it shoudl work!!
    Where in the hell am I?

    Where in the hell am I? Well-Known Member

    +Rep, forgot to mention the pores.
    Also, spray real good!!! Get all under the leaves and on top soil, too! Spray one day, then the next spray w/clear water, then spray again. . .Continue til bugs are dead! And only spray wen lights are off!!!!

    ganjamanuk Well-Known Member

    yer that is a good idea, i only have a small infestation at the moment and have been hunting with a toothpick picking them off and squishing them in between my fingers(REVENGE IS SWEET) but i plan to spray them like you say before it turns into a full blown infestation
    Where in the hell am I?

    Where in the hell am I? Well-Known Member

    "but i plan to spray them like you say before it turns into a full blown infestation"
    You HAVE TO!!!!!

    4four2twenty0 Active Member

    yeah man those fucking cocksuckers spread fucking QUICKTIME i highly reccomend spraying daily , even a couple times a time untill you see NO sign of them, keep us updated!!
    South Texas

    South Texas Well-Known Member

    Spider Mites WILL destroy your Ladies. Spider Mites are carried in from outside on your clothes, and/or pets. Spider Mites only attack unhealthy, sickly, stressed plants. Spray liquid seaweed every 7 to days, and the mites will die, plus your plants will love the seaweed.

    Greenisgold Well-Known Member

    I best prevention is a clean environment and to spray young plants with safers soap, etc. no matter what! In other words, even if you do not see any bugs, spray anyways because those fuckers hide every where. Also, hang a NPS and if that does not do it, buy some floramite as a last resort.
    Mites love hot climates that are low in humidity, so now I spray my plants everyday with plain water until they start to get big bugs.

    tyke1973 Well-Known Member

    ladybirds are a brilliant thing that wipe out the little f--kers.If you live in the uk you will have to wait alittle but you can hunt them out in winter look under window cils anywhere with a ledge u will find them in groups hybernating but put them in a warm growup and they will soon be munching them spidermites and there young.You will never arradicate them by putting them under shower i have even tried making tape the low tak one and did one plant at a time only takes 2 to escape and your up sh-t creek.

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