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Earth juce gro 2-1-1

Discussion in 'Organics' started by Ecips, Nov 6, 2012.


    Ecips Active Member

    new 215 patient here
    Im new to growing this is going to be my first indoor grow!!
    i was told by my local gro shop to use a simple yet organic timeline !!
    so I have went with empire builder soil ( like super soil )
    Earth juce grow 2-1-1 and aged sea kelp and some super thrive

    My question is how do I water
    1 gallon water 1mil gro 1 mil kelp 1-2 drops super thrive to each plant ?,,or
    mix a gallon then feed untill it gone and mix up a new gallon ?
    And empire has alot of required stuff for the plant ,I added 20% big city &10% roots , i left room for top feed soil
    later through the cycle , I will feed empire soil as needed and kelp, then grandmas molassas for cal mag 5tbs every few waterings!
    Sound good

    Ecips Active Member

    Has any one used , or use Earth juce 2-1-1 grow?
    i was going to get ff grow big but I was told this is a good organic vegg nute.
    My soil is going to feed for at least 8 weeks , I have a bag of empire soil to top feed with as well as a bag of roots organic !
    I will water with 1 mil of earth juce and 1 mil kelp
    evey few waterings !!
    I tend to flush them every other watering , every time I water I will add 1 mil of Grow and kelp to keep everything green ?
    Im going to take clones befor I switch to 12/12
    new growth is light green ? I've only givin 1 mil of grow and kelp, mabe give them more ?
    there doing better just mabe under nutes
    Thanks. Blabla

    Ecips Active Member


    Nullis Moderator

    I just want to point out first that I would ditch the Super Thrive, you don't really need it in general. If you are going to use a molasses, try to use a blackstrap instead (like Plantation or Brer Rabbit Blackstrap). Grandmas distributes a first molasses, and their Original in which no sugar is actually removed from the product. Blackstrap molasses still has some sugar content (good for soil microbes), but the other benefit for plants is that it has the highest concentration of minerals and potassium. Five (5) tablespoons of it seems over-kill. You could just use a tablespoon per gallon every watering.

    Your soil should have dolomite lime in it to provide calcium magnesium as well. I am not familiar with any of the other products or what you are growing in, but I have used Earth Juice products for a while. I don't know know what you mean when you say "mil" exactly, because if it is milliliter (ml) that is a very low dose of EJ Grow to be giving. A typical dosage per gallon is more like 1 tablespoon per gallon. If your medium is supposed to have a lot of nutrients in it already you could give about half that, or none at all for a while. If you don't need a full gallon, mix 5-7.5 ml per half gallon. You should always use fresh fertigation solution when you need to, with Earth Juice and kelp mixed in you cannot keep it sitting around (it will go anaerobic, bad).

    WhiteRooster Active Member

    Are you going to use the catalyst?

    scroglodyte Well-Known Member

    flushing is nonsense, imo.......especially with organic.

    Ecips Active Member

    Can I top feed some lime on my soil ?
    1 gallon pots
    and I'll be measuring .5 tbs .gro .5 kelp to each gallon
    i was talking with the guy at the gro store he said empire builder and
    roots soil have every thing in them , empire builder is almost super soil !!
    i think it's just smaller amounts each nute ,
    It didn't not say lime on the bag .? So idk if or how much to put in each pot
    Ideas ?

    Nullis Moderator

    ^Yes. You can scratch the lime into the surface of the soil, and then water thoroughly. How much you should\could use kind of depends on some things. Mainly, if your mix already has lime in it (you can check the ingredients), whether you are using water that is RO\bottled\distilled\rain or hard tap water and whether you plan to transplant soon or at all.

    Generally 1-2 tbsp of dolomite lime per gallon of mix is the recommended application rate for new mixes. You have existing plants in 1 gal containers, so a tablespoon (heaping) would do fine to start. Work it in the first inch or so and water thoroughly.

    The Earth Juice line are wonderful liquid organic nutrients. They are quite raw and acidic, though, so an appropriate amount of lime in the soil is necessary. No other kind of pH Up is needed and fertigation solutions do not need to be adjusted. You should add a bit more lime to the medium if you use water with a very low total dissolved solids (TDS) content like reverse osmosis purified, distilled, bottled or rain water. You could also use a liquid organic calcium supplement like General Organics CaMg+ or Botanicare Calplex. However, if you have and use tap water with a high TDS, hard water that is, with lots of dissolved minerals already in it then you probably don't need to add too much lime to your mix.

    thafoot Active Member

    i been reading alot about earth juice products and from what i read the best thing to do is make a "tea" out of it.1 tablspoon to a gallon of water. put an airstone in it. let is sit for about 36 hours. you can add all sorts of other great "shit" too. but from what i READ the grow and bloom should be just fine. keep us updated.

    OSG Member

    Thafoot..... Yes, it will work best if you bubble it as a tea for at least 12 hours, anything beyound 24 hours is not necessary. By oxygenating it for 12 hours, it gives it a chance to level out pH wise. .If you make at least 3 gallons at a time, and are using R/O water add 1/2 tablespoon of dolimite lime (granular), if using tap water the dolomite lime is probably not needed. DON'T use quick lime, it's too fast acting / alkaline in nature..Be sure to throw in a handful of worm castings, or an ounce of Super Plant Tonic for beneficials and it's all good. The beneficials will help breakdown the NPK to it's most useable form, and the dolomite lime with gently raise the pH (if using R/O water). Shoot for a pH of 6 to 6.5 for your tea. Adjust only if outside that range, with a good pH up or down, like the ones made by Earth Juice..

    Ecips Active Member

    Well update , you guys helped alot !
    Im brewing earth juce grow,bloom, cataylst , mico , aged sea kelp
    and a few mil of Lilly's b1 ,for 24 hours -sometimes-48 hours
    I did add mycos to each pot 1tsp
    these are bag seeds
    they look good?

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