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Early Widow (Advanced Seeds)

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Trabecula, Mar 26, 2011.


    Trabecula Well-Known Member

    Hi there! I'm currently in my 2nd grow, with the following strains:

    - Jack La Mota (Medical Seeds)
    - Haze Mist (Advanced Seeds)
    - Early Widow (Advanced Seeds)

    They complete tomorrow 7 weeks flowering (since I switched my 400w hps to 12/12) which means Jack and Haze still have a long way to go and Early Widow is supposed to be near harvest (according to the breeder 7-8 weeks of flowering).
    The thing is... the Early bitches are looking covered with resin but the buds are not filling out! My first grow was with 6 unknown bagseed bitches, they went through a lot of shit, ending with 3 days with no light at all plus a brutal overfert while I was on vacation with a friend of mine taking care of them. With these bitches, everything went great! They experienced a low temps in the beginning (18ºC / 65F during the day, don't know during the night) but I solved the problem with a heater that would turn on for 15minutes every hour, keeping an oscillating temp between 24ºC / 75F and 30ºC / 86F during the day. Now, as the weather is better it only turns on 15min every 2h at night.

    Anyone experienced this? 2 weeks ago they showed the first brown pistils but at the beginning of this week they started changing their colour significantly (maybe 30 to 40% of them). I noticed they took a long time to flower, probably due to the cold but since then, everything is fine.

    Anyone grew this particular strain? I'm kinda pissed off as I planned this grow much better than the first time, everything went great, the plants look great but the widows are not filling out! :cuss: The Jack's and Haze's are looking really nice, showing buds of the same size, some of them even larger, than the widow's ones!

    Any suggestions?

    I think they still have 2 or 3 weeks to go. Today I bought PK 13-14 from BioNova but as I will feed them plain water for the last 2 weeks, I will only give it once so it won't change much.

    By the way, the nutes I've been using:

    BioGrow (veg)
    BioBloom (last feed 3mL/L) once a week
    TopMax (last feed 4mL/L) once a week
    Hesi Super Vit (1 drop/5L) once every two weeks
    Molasses (2 tbs/5L) once every two weeks

    PS: don't know where my camera charger is so no pics unfortunately:(

    davidlevin420 Member

    i would be interested to see the pictures of the early if you took any... bout to get some beans

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