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early signs of hermaphrodite?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by Mr.Cheese, Feb 14, 2013.


    Mr.Cheese Member

    Ok, i have done about a half dozen grows, some had hermies and others were sinsemilla. I want to correct the problem so that i NEVER grow hermies again, but what steps should I take?

    The problem im having right now is, I have one adult female plant (it was an autoflowering gift that the seed shop sent me, feminized auto flower) so its already budding even though i have then on a 20 on 4 off cycle. My other plants are about 4 weeks old and are growing beautifully. There all in the same room. Pistols are there, but there is something that resembles to a tiny ball, with pistold coming out of it. Is this where a seed comes out? Is my plant a hermie? Is the damage already done to my garden? Please help me determine if this plant is a hermie or not. Thanks in advance. Here are the pictures.

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    joe blow greenthumb

    joe blow greenthumb Well-Known Member

    Congrats! It's a girl.

    Psychild Well-Known Member

    That's what I was thinking...I don't see any signs of hermy at all. The second pic might have a slight sign, but really it's too blurry to give you an accurate guess.

    Slothman94 Member

    dosen't seem to be any hermie signs but keep checking just to be sure

    Mr.Cheese Member

    I was a little scared because there is a little ball at the base of the 2 little hairs. Other than little bananas, whats the BEST way to tell if it went hermie? Please help, thanks in advance

    TheTokingKing Active Member

    Look for bunches of those little balls. They hang like fruit when about to open. Bananas u will see later in flower. If you see hanging balls castrate that bitch and get rid of it. sacks will open very fast and it takes only one.

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