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Early force flower to sex, then re-veg... can't stop the buds

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by newfarmer, Mar 19, 2010.


    newfarmer Member

    this is my second grow, but first time from seed.

    once the plant was about 8" tall I switched from 18/6 to 12/12 and within 3 days i had female pre-flowers.

    i immediately switched back to 18/6 lighting, but now a week later i am seeing flowers developing.

    should i go to 24 hour light? can i successfully revert this plant? is it worth it?

    I took three cuttings and have them in the nursery now, should i just start fresh with one of them?

    any help or advice is appreciated, i am afraid my inexperience may have effed me here...
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    newfarmer Member

    just checked on the plant, it is showing signs of flowering everywhere, at the nodes, at the tips (these aren't really removable without destroying the tips)...

    i haven't switched to flowering nutes, and the plant isn't big enough (i was just starting to train it into the screen)

    i would like to veg more and get more size, but i am wondering if i should just go for the flower and take the hit in production quantity this time around...

    jaysizzle Active Member

    when I first started I did the same thing. It takes a long time to revert back to veg stage after they go into flower. It will stop.Plants tend to get really bushy after they revert as well. so this could turn into a good thing if your scrog'n IMO.I'm no pro but I do know it will go back to veg.Its just gonna add another month to your cycle because of the time it takes to switch back.

    phill Member

    I'd go 24/0 to prevent the hormones from being created. Tho I don't know much, that would seem to be the logical answer.

    Wetdog Well-Known Member

    Yes, it fucked you, but not fatally.:peace:

    First off: FROM SEED, the plant, when it is sexually mature (5-8 weeks from seed), will show its sex in the form of PRE-FLOWERS, REGARDLESS of the light schedule. It can be 18/6 or 24/7, it will show its sex.


    What you DO need is to be patient and let the plant reach sexual maturity @ 5 to 8 weeks of age.

    Even under 12/12 it won't do anything until sexual maturity is reached, except make it harder to go back to veg.

    No need for 24 hrs of light, 18/6 will work fine to re veg, it's just going to take a month or so for the plant to put on brakes and change directions.

    That's why I said you were fucked, but not fatally. Stay with the veg nutes, it will need N to revert. Same with the clones.

    I would suggest waiting till everyone is back in a full veg state before starting flower, or you run the very real risk of hermies from the stress you put them through.

    Just chalk up the lost month to a learning experience and you will know better next batch of seeds.:peace::weed:


    newfarmer Member

    Thanks everyone... I am now on 24/0 light which i will ramp down to 18/6 as the plant shows signs of reverting. Tough lesson, but good to know sexing the plant doesn't require messing with the light schedule. best hobby ever.

    Relative Member

    Agreed great hobby, just started a few days ago and I am enjoying it. Gonna start a grow journal soon

    digiti Active Member

    before I'm blasted, I know I'm bumping an old topic, however it's relevant to what I was going to ask, and I can't really find a topic with these exact same replies.. So anywho, in regards to the above replies, Wetdog's in particular, from seed I've never had plants show their sex under 24/0 light cycle when they reach their what you call "sexually mature"... Anyway, I have 3 new mothers going now, so you're saying if I keep them under 24/0 (and anyone can reply to this, I know Wetdog might not even see this topic again), I wont need to wait to take my first cuttings and sex them to find out if my mothers are male or female? you just completely threw my understanding of everything out the window, can someone clarify?
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    massburnout Member

    OK Growing from seed. you should give them 18 hours of light a day. in 5 to 8 weeks your plants will have white hairs in the crotches if they are Female. If they are male it will look like a tiny bunch of dingle berrys, or grapes. the little grapes are pollen sacks that are looking to knock up your girls, by shooting their pollen all over her nice white pubic hairs. Some people like to pull a clone from each plant as early as possible to flower for no other reason then to find out the sex of each plant as early as possible, so they can pull out the males before they develope their pollen sacks and reduce any chance of your girls getting raped by the boys. If you find a male and you want to wrap it with a plastic bag and remove it carefully, not to shake any male pollen on to your girls, other wise you could asist the males in the rape of your girls.
    I hope this answers your question and maybe even give you a laugh.
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    withoutAchance Active Member

    Yep veg until preflower then take clones.

    greenlikemoney Well-Known Member

    Different opinion.....you can do 12/12 from seed, sex will show about Day 19, you can pull some girls and pit them straight to veg, 24/0 or 18/6....They will revert to veg just fine, with a small delay naturally, and have incredibly short internodal spacing. SCROGGIN' at it's best....You can also split them up ( leave some on 12/12 and transfer some back to veg ) which will give you a staggered harvest. About 3 weeks before you chop the girls in the 12/12, start some new beans. As you are chopping your 12/12 girls, your new beans will have sexed. Leave some in the 12/12, take the others and through them under a T5 until your SCROG fiinishes about a month later, then pop them into another SCROG. It's perpetual all the way !!!!!!!!!!
    OG Jewish connissor

    OG Jewish connissor Well-Known Member

    I do this all the time but I should give 3 days full light before transplanting them. My Indica kept budding and eventually went back to veg. Each female pod unraveled into a single huge leaf. Then branching everywhere like I pinched the tops. I don't know about 24 hrs I do that in the beginning cycle then sex the plants. My brood bitches are ready to flower been out since April 21 now July 16 beautiful ladies pheno Deep Purple Male x NL and x Maple Leaf and x Afghani Kush each different from dark green blue to light spring green color for now. OG JC anytime ???

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