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E-Liquid for Extracts Review EjMix VS VapeurExtract

Discussion in 'Medicating' started by gazan114, May 25, 2015.


What do you think is better?

  1. Ejmix

  2. Vapeur Extract


    Cannapharmd New Member

    Thank you for the great knowledge but man I do have some good probably me just being extremely new to this vape world lol. I've understood towards the mixing and ratios but now towards getting a shatter without blowing myself up. If you have any great links or good places to read on how to make a great shatter or concentrate in a normal setting not some crazy lab or pharm place lol. thank you

    gazan114 Well-Known Member

    Hey dude, I would recommend a c02 system, something small like http://ocolabs.com/ now, usually people blow up because of butane c02 on the other hand is safe IMO. If this system doesn't work because it is expensive, I would recommend doing some research at



    Basically you can make some really good shatter. What the most important thing IMO is do you want shatter or do you want an oil to make and e liquid, if you want shatter to dab then the above web links are good starts. If you want an oil so you can actually vape then what's really important is to get the residue out from BHO, by decarbing ( https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&sou...ggbMAA&usg=AFQjCNGs620-HsqxxLXzYazXIkhTDuHnNw )

    After you decarbing and basically get rid of everything you can easily make your E-Liquid with a oil based honey like product because it is already a liquid at room temp you can make higher ratio's. Let me know if you need any help or other info, I am limited to my knowledge because I have quit the game but still have some good pointers. FYI if you winterize your decarbed product to make it clear and have no fats or lipids I would recommend using a 7ml alcohol to 1g of concentrate to really do the job without loosing on alcohol and let it sit for 24 hours in the freezer.

    If you don't want to loose yield then for personally use of vaping use a tank that has really big inlet holes for the E-Liquid it won't clog. Also when cleaning the coil just use some alcohol.

    Cannapharmd New Member

    Thank you!!! I will like to look into a few things and have a better understanding and follow up with you. I really want to get this right. I appreciate the links and support brother.


    farmasensist Well-Known Member

    Look up how to do QWISO. Its a lot safer and easier than using butane and gives you a similar result, its not as good for dabbing but it works for mixing in e juices. I mixed some qwiso with vapout extract and it turned out good. Hasn't seperated and its not harsh unless I crank up the power on the battery.

    farmasensist Well-Known Member


    Clockstuckon420 New Member

    Hi everyone,

    Has anyone tried farm to vape?

    This is the only mix I've tried but since reading this thread I'm interested in the vapeur extract to see how it compares.

    gazan114 Well-Known Member

    Hey Clockstuckon420,

    I was doing some research and this is what I found, very unprofessional and like the guy said pathetic, I thought slander was illegal?!?

    [​IMG]free photo upload

    gazan114 Well-Known Member

    I personally won't be investing my hard earned money into that company, but if yall want to let me know the results.

    halo2killer Well-Known Member

    Results are EJMix and Vepeur Extract both suck donkey nuts. The real way to make it is to use Terpenes. I finally found a way to make my own good tasting non harsh pens. I used organic terpenes. I will try cannabis derived next. But they are expensive. So far they have a good weed flavor. Not harsh. The flavor is a tad strong. But I have not tried all the flavors yet. So far. As I have over 20. From Agent Orange to Yoda OG. I use the thick oil cartridges with a ceramic dual coil. I have been using about 8-10 drops per gram of BHO or Rosin. Rosin taste better overall. I am still playing with it. When I find my Favorite flavor. I will protect it.

    Giggsy70 Well-Known Member

    I am going to be trying https://vapeurterp.com/ in the next few weeks. Will get back and report. Might just try a couple of the others mentioned here.

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