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Dynasty Genetics Thread

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by st0wandgrow, Jan 16, 2015.


    Southerner Well-Known Member

    I have done the Crater Lake, had about 4 females and they all seemed to lean towards the Huckleberry. Frosty, potent, and purple buds but didn’t get massive yields like a lot of dynasty strains. The Spider Bite seems to be more rarely run and I don’t have any info there.
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    Bosgrower Well-Known Member

    PHC update.
    Sadly it looks like only 4 of the 12 are female. Took clones from them yesterday but it’s going to be a very empty tent until I can get some additional ladies into flower.
    This is my first regular grow and it killed me to destroy all those lush, healthy males.
    The females are lovin’ their new trimmed up condition. Went from 19” to almost 23” in a day after cleaning up the lower branches and taking clones.
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    517BlckBerry Well-Known Member

    Just tried my first joint of the Salmon River OG, fully Ripe. Oh Lord... I just gota say, easily one of the strongest strains I have ever tried thus far in my life. I can see why professor said it's his favorite medical strain. The potency is out of this world.. Yield was horrible on that particular phenotype but omg is the smoke worth it

    corners Well-Known Member

    Sannies still has good rep. Dynasty has a couple strains up, but not like he use to.

    corners Well-Known Member

    Were you positive the 8 were all males? Because ive been wrong before,especially on strains ive never grown before.

    Bosgrower Well-Known Member

    Sadly, yes I’m sure.
    Piggie Smalls

    Piggie Smalls Member

    Have some questions that maybe you guys can answer. Have ran a few Dynasty strains Caramel OG v2, a few runs with Salmon River OG, am currently flowering some Cherry Vanilla Skunk and Huckleberry Skunk.

    1. If you were to grow a cookie cross would it be Cherry Vanilla or Platinum Huckleberry?
    2. Sour Diesel cross: Starduster or Huckleberry Diesel?
    Any info on potency, bag appeal, yield etc would be much appreciated.

    About my setup, I grow in coco, 4x4 tables in a scrog setup, 9 ft ceilings with 3 foot table under 1k Gavitas.

    Odin* Well-Known Member

    I haven’t ran either, but I’m sitting on a pack of PHC, if that says anything.

    What is your thoughts on the Salmon River OG. I’ve been considering those for awhile and finally ordered a couple packs. Nose, potency, find any phenos with “color”? Thanks in advance.

    McKringleberry Active Member

    Huck Diesel is shaping up to be a winner! I have 6 girls on their last day of week 4. My favorite, and subsequent keeper, is massive with pepper, sharp/unripe berry and slight fuel on the nose. This girl is something special as I thought she was a male at first. She grew taller and faster than any other Huck D's, males included. She's the most vigorous- exhibiting aggressive side branching and thin, yet strong stems. She loves light and nutes.

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    Piggie Smalls

    Piggie Smalls Member

    Are you sitting on that pack because you're interested or not interested? Sometimes I sit on genetics because they're too good and sometimes becasue they're no good.

    I ran a full pack of Salmon River and got about 6 fems, and I ended up keeping 2 of the six. The smell, to me, is just like Bubba, but SWEET almost candied scent to them. As for potency, I have asthma so I don't smoke flower, but my friends really enjoy it. I got dark/purple fans and it fades really nicely when it gets close to harvest, but the buds themselves are green.
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    McKringleberry Active Member

    Huck Diesel- to add to my post above, the other phenos are doing great! None of the others exhibit any fuel or chem odor. Their odor is more candy, like sour candy, Pez or Sweet-tarts. I'll get more pics as they progress.
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    Bosgrower Well-Known Member

    PHC update week 11
    Day 71-77
    pre-flower to flower

    Broke my heart to do it but 8 of the 12 are out in the snow
    I've got 3 of the 4 phenos left including the mutant..
    They've all had the lower growth defoliated and clones taken and they're lovin' the 3200K CMH but it's still a bit disappointing. This is my first regular seed grow so I suppose I'll get used to it. It's left me with a lot of tent real estate to fill so I've started some Stardusters but I'll probably be harvesting these before they're ready to go into flower.

    IMG_20180316_095830664.jpg IMG_20180317_170024455.jpg IMG_20180316_100001221.jpg IMG_20180316_100040508.jpg
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