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dying plants, any tips on how to revive

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by CannabisHannabis, Sep 16, 2007.


    CannabisHannabis Active Member

    my plant is dying slowly i believe from the lack of water and constant sunny days and no rainy days =[ its leaves are turning brown and drying. ive clipped all dead leaves at the stem and watered them a good amount so the plant doesnt need to use as much energy trying to revive the dead leaves and would give more to the growing of buds. it has begun budding a couple weeks ago.....so i MUST LET THESE PLANTS LIVE until the buds are fully matured and ready for harvesting! ANY ideas on what you guys would do if you were in this situation will be helpful. ANY ideas on what you would do to revive a dying/budding plant. thanks! PS: DO THE LEAVES CONTRIBUTE AT ALL TO THE PRODUCTION OF BUDS?
    the widowman

    the widowman Well-Known Member

    get some rotted cow/horse manure and dig around the top roots and water in. then try getting water storing crystals and dig them around top roots aswell. good chance of recovery if thats any consolation man!!!!!

    wyteboi Well-Known Member


    Yes they are a MAJOR contro to the production....... i found this out the hard way, I used to pull all the fan leaves off to get more light on the buds, but that is a bad idea. That slows down the process ALOT plus i think the leaves on the buds use the light more then the buds do.
    BUT this does not apply when the leaves are dying (i mean it applys but you cant help it) my suggestion (going by looks and what u said) is to water them bigtime, pick ALL the dead shit off and go water um yourself and dont rely on rain.... i know that might be hard BUT i think its the only way they will make it to mature.

    Grissom1988 Member

    Personally I would go to the closest hydro shop and grab a bottle of Revive. It has always worked wonders for me! When I notice a plant either yellowing, dying, or just unhealthy I would use this stuff and I swear on it.

    Grissom1988 Member

    Revive is just a Nitrogen based fert, used to basically speed up growth and all that good stuff.

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