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DXM + benadryl = @&$!!!?(:$(*+€£¥€><

Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by Pigmie1, Mar 13, 2010.


    Pigmie1 Active Member

    Yesterday my friend and i each took a cimbination of 390 mg of DXM and 300 mg of benadryl (diphenhydramine HCL). We invited over our other friend to come watch over us. The trip started out the way dxm ussualy does, loss of coordination, dizzyness, mild euphoria, strange thoughts. Then the benadryl kicked in and i noticed my friends dartboard begin to spin. Then i saw a spider crawling in mid-air and the walls began to breathe. My friend had to hold me up on the way to the bathroom, and once i was in there i sat on the toilet for five minutes trying to decide if i really was in a bathroom or if i was dreaming. While in the bathroom i began to hear talk radio. I listened for a few minutes then realized there was no radio and i crawled back into the garage where i heard a party going on until i noticed only my two friends were there. I sat down and road out the rest of my trip. It was a pretty cool experience that i would try again. Next time though i will drink much more caffiene to prevent me from dozing off

    BangBangNig Active Member

    If you liked it, then cool, but that sounds retarded to me.... DXM- sure but why would you take benadryl too? Sounds like a death wish.

    chitownsmoking Guest

    lol u feind!!! dxm sucks..... and benadryl isnt good for shit but to cut heroin with

    shepj Oracle of Hallucinogens

    Diphenhydramine potentiates DXM, so it is good for making the effects of DXM more pronounced (this goes with many other substances, not just to 'cut heroin'); it doesn't really sound like a deathwish at all.. it sounds like he wanted the amplify DXM to me.

    Wordz Well-Known Member

    benedryl by itself will make you hallucinate. fuckin dirty though

    chitownsmoking Guest

    antihystamines amplify narcotics to....

    shepj Oracle of Hallucinogens

    DXM breaks down into DXO, which is an opioid...

    Pigmie1 Active Member

    Regaurdless it was fun as hell. Benadryl would be alot better if it didnt knock you out so quickly. Not something i plan on doing frequently but now and then sounds pretty damn good.

    don2009 Well-Known Member

    How old are you 12? lol

    chitownsmoking Guest

    lol yeah your right.... were both right..... but ima admit that i didnt know about dxm breaking down to a narcotic,, good info. but yeah antihistamines amplifie narcotocs nasty.... im sure you would have got more fucked up off some benadryl cut heron then dxm and benadryl though:mrgreen:

    Pigmie1 Active Member

    well benadryls not my thing but i love dxm. i take about 500 mgs an hour before i smoke a few bowls and the results are great

    Ximaxxx Well-Known Member

    Lol I don't mean to come off as a smart ass or anything but dxm and benadryl synchronize on a molecular level that is hard for most to understand. In other words if u take dxm and u puke at the peek take benadryl u can take either 150-200 or less mg no more rule f thumb if ur going high doses of dxm "but" if u do half n half lower doses not in the 600+mg like 200:200, 100:100mgs ect low doses you will trip. The reason is because they potenize each other so perfectly they cut out each others negatives. Except for the delerium but that is weakened and not as severe as straight benadryl some enjoy it as the dxm compliments it well as the beny takes away dxm a negatives completely but does fck ur vision up faster before onset and ur balance more then just dxm alone. So together they give u a better experiance then either one alone unless u go too far and take too much ur first time I recomend 100mg of each and see how it synchronizes in ur brain as going further u may just get a bad trip as the two combined are like alcohol and benadryl. I take a Benny with each shot of vodka take 3 shots and I'm nodding off drunk if I continue to sip just vodka and let te 2 do their magic (warning)-recently actually bout a week or so ago I got a bottle of vodka had a friend coming over the next day we where gonna party n make sum screw drivers (oj an vodka) well that night there was sum shit long story short somebody not me roommate crackhead decided not to pay 105$ he owed and the dealers bro and him trashed my kitchen n sht fist fighting roommate got knocked out broke my fridge n shit so I was in a bid of a rage. I decided to get fcked up and had a bottle of vodka in the freezer I start sipn a small glass and popping benadryl proly about 4 maybe 5 or 3 idunno but I was enjoying the fast onset of the Benny and got nice and drunk 1/5 of the bottle is all it took lol 750mls well I ended continue to drink against my better judgement cu my fried woke up and that jst mad me more pissed so I end up drinking the whole bottle straight an blacked out dot rember past 2/4 of the bottle except when I woke up from passing out go to roll a cigarette spilt sumthing slid fell on my jaw right onto a castiron stand almost broke my jaw at the time I didn't feel sht stood up went to bed passé out woke up 6pm the next day 24 hours almost later felt drunker then when I did before I Blaked out couldn't open my mouth shit all over my room floor idk what puke or shit I spilled and slippe on earlier idk but it hurt like a motherfcker all over bruises and shit from falling all night apparently from what my fried said I passed out a couple of times and woke up when he wnt to work and true to find his car keys (dnt remember that) and then passed back out then woke up again this time is when I fell on my jaw and passé out again lol fck! I quit drinking after this episode. But denadryl is and was my secret weapon for intoxication of alcohol but cuz I quit drinkin it still has a place in my heart with weed and dxm. Also if you are on dxm smoke weed at ur peek it will make u break through and u will have OEV Garunteed! Omg I've never been as high as on dxm and weed its another universe just back bong after bong untill u are unable to is best. My rule of thumb is I don't trip on dxm unless I got ATLEAST and 8th of dank ass weed for the peek. But yea benadryl and dxm are magical just learn how to use em best way is like I said 50/50 low doses lower then urs IMO for ur first time with the combo cuz it will be stronger then dxm alone almost double to maybe triple ur dxm dose is what u can expect to feel . Because most ppl do not get open eyes visuals on dxm ALONE until 600mgs in the 1000mgs don't even bother the thing with dxm is if u do mix it or go alone too high u will completely blak out and remember nothing from te trip. Like a read a dude taking 1200 mg of dxm and doesn't remember anything... Toe that's 2 good dxm trips wasted on a trip ull never remember its not worth it will be like u never did it at all. Dxm and weed tho will lower ur max dose ull need to actually have open eyed halucinations I halucinated and had CEV unreal ones like unexplainable feels in those states with under 300mg of dxm in mucinex dm so what ever else mixed in yea I know a shot ton of guafo but the weed stopped my from puking or feeling ill cuz I took like 5-6 pills passed out woke up completely wasted feeling but euphoric too like the onset of a acid trip glowy bright ect and then 30 so min later started binge pot smoking outthe bong on some fire dank I had and OMG that's when the fckn party started man I was literally the air head
    Ballon from the commercials my head stretched n shit and ever rip made my buzz go upwards ifk it was amazing I was literally the closet thing to flying him any possible like Peter Pan type shit Absolutely amazzzzing

    rory420420 Well-Known Member

    or,eat a tenstrip...

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    and have some spun, why don't yah?? :D

    Skuxx Well-Known Member

    way to bump a 4 1/2 year old thread with the great wall of china for a paragraph
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    rory420420 Well-Known Member

    last night was a blast! death metal and spooky people,and bar fights! remember the strret fighter girl dressed in blue? hottest,i mean coolest outfit/costume..she could round-house kick in the high heel white boots also..:-)

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