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DWC Root Slime Cure aka How to Breed Beneficial Microbes

Discussion in 'DWC/ Bubbleponics' started by Heisenberg, Aug 26, 2010.


    Keesje Member

    Thanks for your answer.

    What is your opinion on what I posted a bit earlier?
    The recipes of Heisenberg and Richyrich look very similar.
    They both did a lot of testing and are both experts in this field, but there is one thing that they seem not to agree on.
    In Richyrich' recipe you will find the instructions to add 1.25mL of Roots Excelurator per Gallon water.
    Heisenberg says to avoid Roots Excelurator, or at least be aware that it can trigger slime.

    What do you think?
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    rkymtnman Well-Known Member

    figure out what the active ingredient(s) is/are in root excel. that should give you a clue

    Keesje Member

    I don't know, and even if I would know it, I still would have no clue.
    I am not smart enough for it.

    The thing is that both Heisenberg and Richyrich are no idiots.
    They are experts and tested it all.
    But still they have opposite opinions.

    EDIT... Heisenberg does use it himself as well at some times, but he does not include it in his list of ingredients.
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    Keesje Member

    Not much response anymore in this once lively topic...
    Guess slime was something from years ago.:p

    Still give it another try.
    If you use the tea, is it neccesary that the bacteria and fungi have something that they can attach to?
    Or is it enough that they are present in the water surrounding the roots, and on the roots themselves.

    I ask because I am wondering there the fungi/bacteria will inhabat if you're not using some kind of medium like claypebbles.
    But just a netpot and a neoprene disk.

    DrCannaPath Well-Known Member

    Honestly i am not sure whats in root accelerator... bit Heisenberg didnt like products of enzymes to go in as it may feed the slime thats already ingesting the rootzone. I guess if ya have figured away to brew your enzymws product without feeding any slime, ya cN use it. Nonetheless the whole ide behind brewing thw tea is to activate the bwnwficials and multiply them bwcore getting them to work as whatever food in those benwficial products that are supposed to feed and activate the benwficial microorganisms can also feed bad microbes in the res. Therefore, isolate your brww and ger it activated and ready to use then appky it. The massive no of benwficials will compwte with and destroy those bad microorganisms before thwy have a chance to feed on whatevwr food ia added to them. I hope this hwlps or at least hope that it somewhat answers your question ... happy growin bro

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    blazenHazen13 New Member

    Anybody else read this in walter whites voice lmao

    GreenLifeOmaha New Member

    Espoma Organic liquid
    Extreme Gardening Myko
    Smartpond Sludge Remover
    Smartpond Pond Tint
    Lava rocks red and black
    powerhead venturis

    DWC fridge grow

    I fought the clear jelly and the brown shit. Tried the teas, but like they say..its easier to stay ahead than trying to catch up. Seedling #6 died and i scrubbed everything with pool shock. Then i built up my micro army for a month before transplanting. Slime free for 2 months now.

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