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Dutchboy Odor Eliminating Paint.

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by zer0ed, Jul 1, 2010.


    zer0ed Active Member


    Could painting your grow room and maybe your entire house, help eliminate odors of growing, at least inside your house?

    (i know it couldn't be used alone at all. But i think used in conjunction with normal odor fighters like filtered exhaust and ona. could it be of any use?)

    zer0ed Active Member

    no comments?

    Come on guys, Discuss!

    Vento Well-Known Member

    Does it work ? lol

    It's like me showing you a bladless fan and asking what you think :)

    Could it be of use ?... Sure ... if it's tryed and tested and proves to work ...Im sure someone will use it ... I have some painting to do outside my growroom ...so i might give it a go if the price is right ... If it's not i will stick to the box standard Trade paint :)

    Vento Well-Known Member

    How long does the odor eliminating benefit in Refresh™ paint last?The longevity will depend on odor concentration, frequency of exposure and the amount of surface area painted. Some field tests have been in process for well over one year and the technology is still eliminating odor. How does the odor eliminating technology in Refresh™ paint work?Odors are gases or vapors that we breath in. Refresh™ paint contains proven odor eliminating technologies that remove these vapors from the air. Through natural airflow, the odor vapors come in contact with the walls and are locked within the paint film. Where do the odors go after painting with Refresh™ paint?The odor vapors are captured in the paint film and locked away. Testing has been done to show that washing or damaging the paint will not release the odors. Since the Refresh™ captures the odors, will my walls smell?Testing has been done to show that washing or damaging the paint will not release the odors. Your walls will not smell. Do I need to paint the walls and ceiling with Refresh™ paint for odor elimination to work? The more surface area you cover with Refresh™ paint, the better the technology works to eliminate odors. Odor vapors circulate through natural airflow and are captured in the paint film when they come in contact with the painted surface. Painting the ceiling helps increase the amount of surface area available to capture and lock away odor vapors. How can I best prepare my walls before painting?This depends on the condition of the surface you are painting. As a general rule, walls should be clean, dry and dull.
    Walls that have never been painted should have a primer applied before painting. For previously painted walls, thoroughly wash them with a mild soap and water solution, then rinse with clean water. If your existing surface was painted previously with semi-gloss or gloss paint, the surface should be lightly sanded* to a duller finish, and all sanding dust removed.
    If there is loose or peeling paint scraping and sanding* of the affected area is needed. Scrub all surfaces to remove all dirt, grease, oil, etc. Rinse surface well and allow to dry. Apply appropriate patching material to cracks, nail holes, or other surface imperfections, sand* smooth, and remove sanding dust.
    If the walls have not been painted in five years or longer, or if they are stained, a primer should be used.
    Visit our Start Your Project section for more tips on preparing to paint.
    Why do I need to use a primer?Dutch Boy® primers are specifically formulated to seal porous surfaces, block stains, as well as to insure the proper adhesion of the topcoat and produce the best possible coverage.
    Learn more about Primers.
    What is the proper order to be following when painting a room?When painting a room,

    • the ceiling should be painted first,
    • followed by the walls,
    • then the trim (including doors and windows)
    • and finally the baseboards.
    How much paint do I need?To achieve one-coat coverage, paint should be applied at a maximum of 400 square feet per gallon. Rough or textured surfaces may require more paint. On these areas allow for 125-300 square feet per gallon. Do not thin.
    Visit our Paint Calculator to determine how much paint you need for your project.
    When should I paint?Room and surface temperature should be between 50 and 85 degrees. Paint dries best between 65F and 85F.
    Allow at least 4 hours of drying time before recoating.
    How do I take care of my freshly painted surface?Freshly painted surfaces may be washed after 30 days. Avoid touching, wiping, or wetting any freshly painted surface for 30 days. After that time dirt and stains may be removed with a mild, non-abrasive cleaner and water.
    Do not place objects on windowsills and shelves until paint is thoroughly dry.
    Can I paint directly over wallpaper?Painting over wallpaper is not recommended.
    However, if you need to paint over a wall covering it is very important to properly prepare the surface. Be sure to remove any loose wallpaper, scuff sand* the surface, then apply Dutch Boy interior oil-based primer.
    Can I apply latex paint over oil-based paint?Yes.
    Be sure to prepare the surface properly before painting. Oil-based paints should be sanded to a flat finish before painting. Thoroughly rinse to surface to remove sanding dust and dirt, then apply Dutch Boy oil-based primer and the desired Dutch Boy latex paint.
    Can I apply paint directly over a semi-gloss or gloss paint?No.
    Semi-gloss paint must be dulled to a flat finish by sanding.
    How long should I wait before applying a second coat of paint?A second coat of latex paint may be applied 4 hours after the first coat.
    With oil-based paint, you should wait 24 hours between coats.
    Can I use exterior paint on the inside of my house?No.
    Exterior paints are formulated to be more flexible to withstand temperature and climate changes.

    Vento Well-Known Member

    Taken from another source

    "NAD concluded that the claims “eliminates household odors,” “continuously eliminates household odors day after day” and “odor eliminating technology” conveyed the message that Refresh paint will reduce odors to a level that is not detectable to the average consumer during the useful life of the paint. NAD further determined that the advertiser’s field and laboratory tests did not provide sufficient evidence to support such claims and recommended that the advertiser either discontinue the claims or modify the claims to better reflect the test results; i.e., that Refresh can help reduce odor. Through its expert, the advertiser explained that all latex paints have odor absorption properties that are directly related to the size of the area of the surface painted and the chemical reactivity."

    If your looking to eliminate old house smells from walls a good primer will help. Most likely the smell is ingested in the wood and insulation in the walls. Resand all the wood and restain ( floors cabinets molding). Change the HVAC filters. If there are carpets get rid of them. Wash EVERYthing down with straight vinegar. Especially nooks and crannies. Let the vinegar air dry it will take the smell with it.


    Vento Well-Known Member

    Verdict : Marketing scam :-?

    Vento Well-Known Member


    rucca Active Member


    NYCrez Well-Known Member

    Yes, check out my sig. In the 5th week of flowering, smell is not overwhelming at all. I have 4 27watt Air Purifying bulbs, in combination with one fan. I definitely think they work. They are coated with Titanium or something that when the light is activated, the titanium is released and it counteracts the odors.

    i8urbabi Well-Known Member

    well there happens to be a quite impressive blade-less fan available on the market, the Dyson Air Multiplier http://www.dyson.com/fans/

    Vento Well-Known Member

    haha yeah i know ... VERY expencive it is to ... But does it work any better than a normal $5 fan ?... get my point ? LOL

    zer0ed Active Member

    I got to see a display of this fan. ITS STUPID, AND A GIMMICK!

    from what i can tell of this fan, is there is a fan inside the can in the base, see the perferated section on the base? thats the intake. it then shoots the air upward though the frame, and prsurized the ring. then the air shoots out vents in the ring.

    It has a fan, the stupid thing is like $300 and all your buying is a PC fan inside a tube.

    Vento Well-Known Member

    Yupp just like the paint ...Marketing scam to empty the pockets of the uber stupid :)

    i8urbabi Well-Known Member

    woot way to save me 300 lol. itd be a hella cool table display, looks like a proton gatherer/emitter (oh u know) ;). but ya the paint works well in a daycare, having diaper genies (holds dirty diapers) they still can smell, but that paint i laid on a daycare wall and no more diaper smell. So for poop n all it works great :) the bulbs sound nice too. But really you cant go wrong with throwing some white paint down that is only gonna atleast help a bit for ur grow op smells.

    BTW we just did this right when i found out about this paint and thread. so thanks for the find, made the ladies at the daycare happy lol.

    edit : for the bladeless fan, i still like the idea of not chopping up my plants (if accidents happen?), but a fan is a fan your right lol.

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