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Dutch Passion White widow Leaf Problems, NEED HELP ASAP!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by Rahjagoo, Jul 31, 2013.


    Rahjagoo New Member

    Hi everyone and thanks for trying to help me out.

    So i got 3 seeds from Dutch Passion and sprouted one seed, It grew fine but it had some coloring problems with the leafs, mainly with the big leafs first. Its now 3ft tall and looking good, over time i might have fixed it. So i took some clones, and guess what I'm having the same problem over again. Take a look at these pics i took. i think the clones are about 1-2 1/2 weeks old. I DID have some mites, but i Azamax that hard core. I'll tell you know though that i swear i had this problem first then the mites showed up and made things worse.

    They are under a T5 with 8 bulbs, with alternate bulb colors. The soil they are in is SUNSHINE Mix 4 ADVANCED, Red Dixie cups with no holes in the bottom. Feeding them about 1/4 strength (just upped from 1/5 in last feeding, witch was the 30th) with Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow A&B, B-25, and a little Vita Boost Pro. Only the white widows are showing this. But some other clones (Royal Queen-Critical) are just showing this.

    Please take a look! The last 2 pictures are the Royal Queen Critical, And the 3rd to last with just the light coloring at the top is a Royal Queen Fruit Spirit.
    100_0195.jpg 100_0196.jpg 100_0197.jpg 100_0198.jpg 100_0199.jpg 100_0201.jpg 100_0202.jpg 100_0203.jpg 100_0204.jpg 100_0205.jpg 100_0206.jpg 100_0208.jpg 100_0209.jpg 100_0210.jpg 100_0211.jpg 100_0212.jpg 100_0213.jpg 100_0214.jpg

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