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Dutch Marzar Passion and Akorn snowbud

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by jackm420, Nov 2, 2013.


    jackm420 Active Member

    Has anyone ever grown or smoked these??? I am growing 2 fem dutch and 1 acorn snowbud right now under my 400watt system....Just want to know from people who are currently growing these, have grown these and or smoked these. Thanks!! O and the dutch mazar passion is medical 20% THC.

    tikitoker Active Member

    Im growin the akorn (aka snowbud) from TH Seeds. There's two floating around th seeds and dutch passion. th seeds is indica dominant and dutch is sativa. Im just starting so not much help yet, but check me out in a month or two.

    jackm420 Active Member

    The dutch passion mazar i have is indica not sativa

    brek Well-Known Member

    DON'T DO IT!!!! In a room full of great females the Akorn was the only plant to full blown hermie like a MF. Had the biggest leaves of any plant I've grown. Then shot out balls everywhere in week one. lol. BOO.

    jackm420 Active Member

    that sucks but I'm very careful about stress for plants and my akorn is a fem seed, boo? lol are u trying to scare someone bro

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