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Durban Poison?

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by johnnynice, May 12, 2014.


    thenotsoesoteric Well-Known Member

    For sure, I'm planning on scoring some of Mike's BB and he has a c99 cross that looks killer.

    GreenHighlander Well-Known Member

    I have run a few of his strains now. He def has the real deal BB and c99. I am just finishing up my c99 grow in my journal. I have done a few of his blueberry crosses and it just screams dj short bb. Your post made me think of that.
    Sorry to OP for thread hijacking.
    On a side note about Durban poison. I was always told that it was no good to cross it. That it was at its best in pure form.
    Cheers :)
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